2017 SelectionList



Country Philippines
Director Mikhail RED
Producer Michaela TADENA
Writer Mariah REODICA
Production Company PelikulaRed
Format DCP | Color | 90min
Genre Horror, Mystery


1999 Manila, Philippines. Pat works as the guidance counselor in a conservative all-girls Catholic high school.
Secretly a clairvoyant, Pat waits at her desk every night for midnight therapy sessions with the ghost of Eri: a student, who committed suicide in the school grounds long ago. Her routine is shattered when a student is found murdered on campus. A male investigator enlists the help Pat to uncover the murder. With no living witness, Pat turns to the sole watcher of the school— Eri.
Instead, Eri tells Pat her own reason for killing herself. Her intimate advances were rejected by a student after pressure from the religious faculty and Eri’s intolerant mother. Eri hanged herself inside the campus bathroom. Later, her own father went insane and strangled her mother, blaming her for the suicide. Pat learns from the ghost of the recently murdered student that Eri has the ability to harm the living by possessing the bodies of men, causing Pat to believe that Eri is responsible for the two murders.
Pat confronts Eri inside a confessional booth. Eri confesses to the murders and reveals her hatred for Pat. Through the control of Eri, the investigator strangles Pat. The ghost of the murdered girl charges at Eri, causing them to fall from the high balcony into the courtyard.
The next day, Pat files a report as the school prepares the memorial. After finding the school cleared of ghosts, she finds every exit locked. She runs hysterically trying to escape. She finds the memorial— with her own portrait in the middle. 
She slumps in the seat of her counseling room, only to realize she is at the wrong side of her desk. The seat in front of her is empty with no one to listen to her own ghost story.


Mikhail RED is a Filipino filmmaker and director based in Manila, Philippines. At 21, he wrote and directed his first feature film Rekorder  which had its international premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The film won six international awards including the Best New Director prize at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival. Mikhail RED’s sophomore feature film project Birdshot won the coveted production grant from the Doha Film Institute and the CJ Entertainment award at the 2015 Asian Project Market. After its successful completion, the film Birdshot went on to win the top prize of the Asian Future section of the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. As of 2017, Mikhail Red is slated to direct his third feature film Neomanila.


Michaela TADENAis a Filipino filmmaker and producer based in Manila, Philippines. Starting her career in film education, she held prominent positions in Film Workshops under Reality Entertainment and co-organized Film Heritage Seminars with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). At present, she heads the Operations, Communications and Marketing of Media East Productions, an award-winning post-production house based in the Philippines that caters to national and international clients.

Production Company

PelikulaRed is a Filipino production company specializing in film production and international co-production. The company produced the Palme d'Or winner at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival, Anino, directed by Raymond Red. Subsequently, Raymond Red directed Himpapawid (2009), Kamera Obskura (2012), and Mga rebeldeng may kaso (2015). In 2013, the company produced Mikhail Red’s first feature film Rekorder. PelikulaRed’s most recent production, Birdshot (2016), won the Best Asian Future Film Award at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival. Mikhail Red’s Neomanila is currently in production. The company was established by Producer Pamela L. REYES and Director Mikhail RED.