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NAFF2015 It Project Selection



Country : Japan

Director : SHIMOMURA Yuji

Producer : FUJITA Shinichi, INOUE Midori

Writer : Benio SAEKI, TAK

Production Company : WORSAL CO.,Ltd. U’DEN FLAMEWORKS

Format : HD | Color | 100min | Japan

Genre : Thriller, Action


Toshiro Kuroda, who presumably retired from his career as a distinguished covert soldier in overseas war-torn regions, and now modestly living in a small hot-spring town in North-western Japan with a little girl Sachi.
He used to be active by the codename as ‘ghost’ involving in countless major missions in hopes for helping make a better world behind the scenes which made him a legend in the underworld.
In a course of one mission years back, Toshiro finds his commanding officer dominating child-soldier training facility around the globe and instantly judged to let her get away with him.
One day, several members of National Defense Force found dead during tactical exercise. Then mysterious deadly incidents start to appear around Toshiro's neighborhood.
It turns out several operatives came down to assassinate Toshiro to settle the conflict from the past. Toshiro decides to once again unleash his beast inside of him to stand up for whom he cares about, and to see through who he really is.
The small tourist site suddenly becomes filled with smell of blood and bodies. In the process of confronting them more deeply, Toshiro comes to sharpen his senses as if awakening from anesthesia and realizes his life might be only worthwhile when taking others’ lives. He grows struggles from the destiny that is brutal enough to accept.  


Action director and film director, actively worked as a freelance stuntman after graduating Kurata Action Club and then worked beside Donnie Yen, action super star director in Hong Kong. Currently belongs to Uden Frameworks and appeals his talent as an action director in various fields such as movies, CM, and game.
Mostly known for Gantz: Perfect Answer (2011), Lucky Seven (2012), Library War (2013), Ando Lloyd (2013), Monstrez (2014) and others. For video game movie contents, he has worked on Devil May Cry 3 (2005), Devil May Cry 4 (2008), and Bayonetta (2009). His most successful feature film is Death Trance (2005).  


INOUE Midori began her career as a liaison manager for international affairs at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 2008. From the following year, she started to work at several international film festivals as an assistant programmer and festival coordinator including Tokyo International Film Festival, Short shorts Film Festival and Asia, Latin Beat Film Festival, The Old Town Comedy Film Festival and others.
After establishing Tokyo Media International in 2009, she started to organize film networking event in Tokyo in hopes to expand Japanese and international filmmaker network and get involved more in production side mainly as producing and production coordination for advertisement, short films and feature films.
She focuses on encouraging international co-productions. Her recent work involves Godzilla Japan Premiere Short Documentary (2014) by Legendary Pictures as a production coordinator and US/Japan co-production Rewind This! (2014), as a producer for Japan unit.  

Production Company

Established in 2003, WORSAL CO., Ltd. was first started off by JAC (Japan Action Club) graduates to train young action men/women and now offer services of business consulting, human resources, talent management, film/video production and studio/ stage theater management based in Tokyo.
In the entertainment field, we provide action related services such as action direction, action coordination, stunts and motion captures.
Our work includes Why Don't You Play in Hell?, Ninja Torakage, Cold Fish, Yakuza Apocalipse, Tokyo Tribe and many others.  

Project History

Re:Born | 2016