1 Project Bloody Smart
Director HSIEH Chun-yi
Producer HSU Guo-Lun, Joanne GOH
Country Taiwan , Malaysia
2 Project Carrion
Director Renata PINHEIRO
Producer Andre PEREIRA
Country Brazil
3 Project Cucaracha
Director Jacen TAN
Producer Andrew NGIN
Country Singapore
4 Project Cursed Circus: Sweet Veng..
Director Fajar NUGROS
Producer Susanti DEWI
Country Indonesia
5 Project The Cursed Land
Director Panu AREE, Kong RITHDEE
Producer Nonzee NIMIBUTR
Country Thailand
6 Project Deliver Us from Hell
Director Juan Diego Escobar ALZATE
Producer Roxana RAMOS, Fernando DÍAZ
Country Colombia , Argentina
7 Project Holy Pest
Director Amir Masoud SOHEILI
Producer Sina MEHRAD, Komeil SOHEILI, Jooyoung SOHEILI
Country Iran (Islamic Republic Of)
8 Project Last Resort
Director TAN Chui Mui
Producer Arleen CUEVAS
Country The Philippines , Malaysia
10 Project A Myth
Director Maaria SAYED
Producer Alessandro ALPINI, Sushant SHRESTHA
Country India , Nepal
11 Project Omionna
Director Koji SHIRAISHI
Producer Chris HUANG, Eisei Shu
Country Japan
12 Project The Othered
Director Ham TRAN
Producer Linh PHAN, Thanh TRAN, Anderson LE
Country Vietnam , Canada , USA
13 Project Posthouse
Director Nikolas RED
Producer Iana Celest BERNARDEZ
Country The Philippines