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The Moon of the Kurent

The Moon of the Kurent

Country Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia
Director Tomaz GORKIC
Producer Nejc SAJE, Deja SKERJANC
Writer Tomaz GORKIC
Production Company Strup Produkcija
Format DCP | Color | 110min
Genre Thriller


  The newly formed team of detectives, Drago and Kristian, have been assigned to an unusual murder, with the appearance of a ritual killing. It turns out that this is not an isolated case, and that such crimes have been going on for years. As the killings continue to take place, it turns out that the detectives are dealing with a serial killer who, in the name of a mysterious pagan cult, hidden deep within the Catholic Church, hunts young infertile women, and offers them up as sacrifice to an ancient fertility god.


Tomaz GORKIC (1974) is a film, television and theatre director, scriptwriter and editor, working in Slovenia and Italy. His filmography includes directing two genre feature films and over ten short films, which were screened at numerous film festivals around the globe and received more than 50 international film awards.


Tomi MATIC produced two award-winning feature films – Psi brezčasja (2015) and Korporacija (2019) for Lignit film production. He has also produced a number of music videos and various commercials. Since 2016, he is the vice president of the Slovenian AV Producers Association.
Deja SKERJANC is an independent producer of the younger generation. Since 2017, she has been working partly as a producer, production assistant, coordinator of cultural and educational programs and head of promotion and distribution in cooperation with the ZVVIKS production, the leading Slovenian production of animated films and series. Until now, she worked on a number of award-winning short films at the ZVVIKS production, such as Slovo(2016), Liliana(2019), Metum(2017) and others, as well as the internationally recognizable children's animated series Koyaa(2017-2019). She is currently working on the production of the international feature animated omnibus Of Unwanted Things and People, which is in the realization phase and will be completed in 2023. For some years she has been successfully collaborating with STRUP production, where she participated as a production assistant in the feature film The Curse of Valburga(2019). The film The Moon of the Kurent is her first feature-length project, in which she has been involved in the production team as a producer since the beginning of the film's development. She is also a member of the Slovenian Animated Film Association (DSAF) and one of the few young Slovenian female producers who has decided to produce a demanding and complex genre film.

Production Company

Strup Produkcija is an independent film and multimedia production company established in 2004 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Strup’s activities include the production of documentary, fiction and animated films; large-scale video and multimedia installations; and collaborative video art for theatrical productions.