Made in Asia 2023

The Made in Asia Forum brings together key players and policymakers in the film industry from across Asia to focus on common challenges and opportunities.

Each year, the forum is held with a relevant topic of the industries and is an opportunity for filmmakers from different countries to share new perspectives and visions, as well as to gain a better understanding of the efforts and strategies to protect local cinema in the face of changing market conditions.


June 30th (FRI)


Koryo Hotel Crystal Room (4F)

Session 1 10:00 ~ 12:00

Co-hosted by Korean Film Producers Association

Korea-Japan Film Industry Forum :
Film Industry of ‘Endemic’ Era, Diagnosis & Solution

The Korean film industry, as of 2023, finds itself in a state of crisis as it has not yet recovered the pre-pandemic levels of theater attendance. This prolonged slump has led to a growing sense of crisis within the Korean film industry, struggling to overcome the recession and stagnation. The Japanese film industry has also faced its own challenges during the pandemic and endemic periods. This presents an opportunity to compare and discuss, to diagnose and seek the potential remedies for the current situation between Korean and Japanese film industries.

Moderator Country Company
| Position
CHOI Nagyong Korea Film Producer
Forum Participants Country Company
| Position
FUKADA koji Japan Film Director
HASHIMOTO Keiichi Japan TOEI Company
| Producer
KIM Byung-In Korea Screenwriter’s Guild of Korea | Chairman
LEE Bongwoo Korea SUMOMO | CEO
LEE Eun Korea Korean Film Producers Association | Chairman
TSUJIMOTO Tamako Japan TBS Television
| Producer
USUI Shinnosuke Japan Toho Company
| Producer
* Only KOR-JPN Interpretation is provided.

Session 2 14:00 ~ 15:30

Asian Film Industry Forum :
Future of Asian Film Industry

Representatives from Indonesian and Taiwanese film industries will present their recent and most vibrant promotion policies, support funds, development strategies, and co-production initiatives. Also there will be a rare opportunity to listen and learn about the film industry and policies of Central Asia and Mongolia, who have newly joined the “Made in Asia” program.

Moderator Country Company
| Position
Patrick FRATER UK Variety Asia Editor
Forum Participants Country Company
| Position
Helene HAUG Kazakhstan Eurasian Film Market | Co-founder, Director
Vivian IDRIS Indonesia Indonesia Film Board

| Deputy Chairman·Film Festivals & Event
Tsogtbayar NAMSRAI Mongolia Filmbridge | CEO
Joyce TANG Taiwan TAICCA | Contents Lab Manger

Session 3 16:00 ~ 17:30

Co-hosted by Korean Film Council

When East meets East :
Vitalizing Film Collaboration in Asia

As a follow-up of launching AFAN (Asian Film Alliance Network), an ambitious film network promoting cooperation between seven Asian countries(Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, and Taiwan) in Cannes last May, this panel discussion is aimed to argue and suggest ways to vitalize film collaboration, including co-production and cooperation, between Asian countries.

Moderator Country Company
| Position
Ellen Y. D. KIM Korea BIFAN Program Director
Forum Participants Country Company
| Position
Vivian IDRIS Indonesia Indonesia Film Board | Deputy Chairman · Film Festivals & Event
Jennifer JAO Taiwan Taipei Film Commission
| Director
PARK Ki-yong Korea Korean Film Council
| Chairman
Lorna TEE Malaysia Film Producer