World Fantastic Blue

World Fantastic Blue presents a wide range of genre films including sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, romance and music films that even those with an aversion to the sight of blood can enjoy. Here are films that you can enjoy with more ease and will gently soften your heart after it’s been wound up tight by Red movies.
There are Blue My Mind, a coming-of-age film about the motif of transformation, Thelma, about a supernatural experience connected to religious oppression, November, a poetic fantasy romance from Estonia, Just a Breath Away, about the near future where fine dust brings about the end of civilization, When Margaux Meets Margaux featuring Sandrine Kiberlain and Agathe Bonitzer, Virus Tropical, a screen adaptation of an autobiographical graphic novel by Powerpaola, Anna and the Apocalypse, a bizarre musical about a girl who fights zombies on Christmas Eve, Thoroughbreds, a murder story beyond imagination about two old friends from completely different backgrounds, Brothers’ Nest, a comic murder story about two brothers who fight over their mother’s inheritance, Mayfair, a film about the drug dealings of an Arab and Somali family in South Africa, Tombiruo, a superhero movie from Malaysia, Damascus Time, a war action film from Iran, Mom, an Indian film about a mother who gets revenge for her daughter, Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets, a refreshing mystery game featuring high school kids, Looking for Rohmer, the latest film from China’s sixth generation director Chao WANG, Flea-picking Samurai, a comedy about a samurai who uses sex instead of a sword.