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Bucheon Choice

International competition Bucheon Choice presents films that show innovative, experimental spirit with a unique vision and style. Four feature film awards and two short film awards are selected by international jury, and Audience Awards are determined by audiences’ votes.

  • Bucheon Choice: Features
    • Best of Bucheon (KRW 20,000,000)
    • Jury’s Choice
    • NH Audience Award
  • Bucheon Choice: Shorts
    • Bucheon Choice: Shorts
    • Best Short Film (KRW 5,000,000)
    • Jury’s Choice for Short Film (KRW 3,000,000)
    • Audience Award for Short Film

Korean Fantastic

In an effort to support and encourage the Korean fantastic films, BIFAN has established a new competition section that is open to domestic feature and short films. Three feature film awards are chosen by the Korean competition jury, and Best Korean Short Film is selected by international short film jury. Audience Awards for Korean feature and short films are determined by audiences’ votes.

  • Korean Fantastic: Features
    • LG HiEntech Best
      Korean Fantastic Film (KRW 10,000,000)
    • Korean Fantastic Best Actress
    • Korean Fantastic Best Actor
    • Korean Fantastic Audience Award
  • Korean Fantastic: Short
    • Best Korean Short Film (KRW 5,000,000)
    • Audience Award for Korean Short Film

European Fantastic Film Festival Federation Asian Award

European Fantastic Film Festival Federation (EFFFF) Asian Award intends to promote and encourage Asian fantastic genre films. EFFFF’s representative jury selects the best Asian fantastic film from the World Fantastic Red section.


NETPAC Jury Committee comprised of NETPAC members and film professionals select the best Asian film from the World Fantastic Blue section, which features newer genres and varied stories of comedy, fantasy and drama.

Save Energy, Save Earth Award (KRW 5,000,000)

Supported by Korea Energy Agency, Save Energy, Save Earth Film Award is to encourage low energy consumption and energy efficient culture. Selected by audiences’ votes, this award is given to an either feature or short film that is best representing “Save energy, Save earth” spirit, awarded with KRW 5,000,000 cash prize.

BIFAN Children’s Jury Award

Comprised of twenty children of Bucheon City, BIFAN Children’s Jury Committee selects the best feature film from the Family Zone section.