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Flea-picking Samurai

  • 섹스
  • 코미디
  • 미남

Japan|2018|110min |International Premiere |

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Kobayashi, a respectable samurai, fell to the status of a samurai who catches cat fleas after making a mistake to his lord. But what he really has to do is a male prostitute. He will do his best with Samurai spirit.

Program Note

The upright samurai, Hironoshin, does not laugh at the joke of the Lord, so he is in charge of “catching cat fleas.” That means he is a male prostitute. Hironoshin is unable to disobey the order, so he serves his first customer. He is criticized for performing terrible sex and feels humiliated, so he decides to learn how to do it better. He runs into Seibei, who is a merchant that flirts with many different people.. Hironoshin secretly watches Seibei make love, he improves his techniques by learning how to kiss, caress and talk dirty. Flea-picking Samurai begins with a sex comedy dreaming of revival and depicting the transformation of the guy, a samurai to a whore. However, it is a contradiction in itself to catch cat fleas in the first place, and the system of the Edo period in which they live is so unreasonable and unequal. How to live as a human being before living as a samurai. Hironoshin, who had only been steadfast but has not seen any other world, observed the lives of weak but persistent people and chooses to live among them. The Lords uses sex as a tool to oppress individual freedom and try to annihilate it. After all, Hironoshin experienced he finally breaks through everything not by his own strength, but through the will and faith of all who had been with him. (KIM Bong-seok)


츠루하시 야스오


Born in 1940, Tsuruhashi Yasuo joined Yomiuri TV for drama directing after majoring law at Chuo University. He chose to leave for creative activities as a director, and made films Love Never to End (2006), Tales of Genji: A Thousand Year Engima (2011), Black Widow Business (2016).


Hata Yuuko, Usui Hisashi

Tsuruhashi Yasuo, Komatsu Shigeo

Author of the Original Work
Komatsu Shigeo

Ezaki tomoo

Yamada Hiroshi

Haneoka Kei

Production Design
Kondo Nariyuki

Abe Hiroshi, Terashima Shinobu, Toyokawa Etsushi


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