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Looking for Rohmer

  • 눈물
  • 미남
  • 로맨스
  • 가족

China|2017|83min |Korean Premiere |

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249 7/14  15:20CGV Bucheon 5
414 7/16  14:30CGV Sopoong 3
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Zhao, a Chinese man, and Rohmer, a French, decided to travel to Tibet together. But Rohmer is dead. Zhao goes to France, where he studied together and meets the woman who gave birth to Rohmer’s child. Zhao heads alone for Tibet.

Program Note

Zhao Jie heads for Tibet in search of his friend, Rohmer. There, he faces Rohmer who became a handful of ash. What on earth could have happened? Before Rohmer’s death, they happen to be on a site of a traffic accident while they were spending time together in Beijing. A boy died in that accident. Although they were not assailants of the accident, Rohmer, being at the driver’s seat, was tormented by the thought that he provided the reason. After self-reproach, he left for Tibet where he died from an accident. Zhao Jie feels guilty about the fact that he did not embrace Rohmer more assertively at the moment of the car accident they witnessed. Zhao Jie’s journey to Tibet searching for Rohmer is at the same time a process of facing his own faults and remorse. Traveling to Tibet for Rohmer and bringing back his ashes to Provence, Rohmer’s hometown, is in itself a time of introspection and maturation. Wang Chao, the director, was honored WFF Special Mention for his debut film, The Orphan Of Anyang (2001), and awarded Fica Cyclo D’or D’honneur for Memory of Love (2009). Han Geng stars the role of Zhao Jie and Jeremie Elkaim portrays Rohmer. (JEONG Ji-hye)


왕차오 (王超)


Wang Chao is one of the representatives for the sixth generation of Chinese film directors. Now living in Beijing, he works as a film creator and a writer. His feature films are The Orphan of Anyang (2001), Days and Nights (2004), Luxury Car (2006), Memory of Love (2009), The Celestial Kingdom (2012), Fantasia (2014) and River’s Edge (2017).


Shen Jing Xi, Lv Jian Min

Wang Chao

Caroline Champetier, Dong Jing Song

Wang Chao

Zhou Jiao Jiao

Production Design
Fan Yufei, Pascale Ingrand

Han Geng, Jeremie Elkaim, Hélène Vincent


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