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Awards & Juries

Bucheon Choice : Features

Barbara Crampton has had a long career in genre films. From cult classics such as Re-Animator to From Beyond and new favorites like You’re Next, We Are Still Here and Beyond the Gates, Barbara has 35 years plus, devoted to the horror community. Moving beyond acting recently to producing, Ms. Crampton is devoted to helping other film makers realize their dreams in the landscape of scary tales told with heart and humanity. She is often asked to speak and write about the genre.
Angel SALA
Takahashi Hiroshi was born in 1959. In 1985 he graduated from Waseda University with a degree in Russian Literature. While at university, he started producing 8mm films. His debut as scriptwriter came in 1990 with a TV production helmed by Morisaki Azuma. In 1998 he wrote the script for the international surprise hit The Ring by Nakata Hideo. Sodom The Killer (2004) is his first film as a director.
KIM Eui Sung
Mark Adams is Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. He was Chief Film Critic for film trade paper Screen International and was also film critic for The Sunday Mirror in the UK. For more than 25 years he has written for Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and Moving Pictures International, as well as many national newspapers in the UK. He was Head of Programming at the National Film Theatre in London for six years; was Director of Cinema at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London.
Teresa KWONG
BYUN Young-joo
Byun Young-joo made her name with the documentary Woman Being in Asia (1993). She directed the documentary series about Korean comfort women The Murmuring (1993), Habitual Sadness (1997), My Own Breathing (1999) and received Ogawa Shinsuke Prize from Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival for The Murmuring. After moving into fiction films, she directed critically acclaimed features; Deep Loves (2002), Flying Boys (2004), Helpless (2012). She won Best Director award from Baeksang Arts Awards 2012 with Helpless.
KIM Kang-woo
Born in 1978, Seoul. Kim Kang Woo studied acting at Chung-Ang Univerisity. Debuted with Kim Ki-Duk's The Coast Guard (2002) and achieved a rapid growth in his career by taking a protagonist at TV series Breathless. He won the Best New Male Actor award from Busan Film Critics Association Awards for The Aggressives (2005) and the Best Actor award for The Railroad (2007) from Torino IFF. He has been extending his spectrum of acting in playing diverse genre titles: Le Grand Chef (2005), The Taste of Money (2012), Cart (2014), The Treacherous (2015), and The Vanished (2018).

Korean Fantastic : Features

TOMIOKA Kunihiko
Born in Tokyo, and Hayashi Kanako was Festival Director of Tokyo FILMeX from 2001 to March 2018, and was Chairperson of Talents Tokyo project, for supporting Asian promising filmmakers. As general coordinator of Kawakita Memorial Film Institute (1986 to 1997), she helped to introduce Japanese films to international film festivals and cinematheques. She has served on the juries of many festivals including Berlin, Locano, Hong Kong, Karlovy Vary. In 2012 she was the recipient of the BIFF Korean Cinema Award.
Ansgar VOGT
PARK Hye-young
Park Hye-young is one of the renowned drama/film writers of Korea. She first made her name with the comedy TV series Old Miss Diary (2003) which was made into a movie in 2006 with the same title. She wrote the TV series I Live in Cheongdam-dong (2012), Another Miss Oh (2015) and the feature film Two Weddings and a Funeral (2012). Recently she finished TV drama My Mister (2018) which attracted a lot of attention.
JU Sungchul
Ersoy was born in Istanbul but has spent most of his life in London. His study of criminal psychology had a marked influence on his decision to work in film. After first earning a living as a journalist, he moved on to festival programming. He is currently the creative director of the largest festival of genre movies in the United States, Fantastic Fest in Austin, but is also a programmer for Beyond Fest, MotelX, the Boston Underground FF, and more. He has written and directed a number of award-winning shorts, including Abdullah, and he is currently working on his first feature.

Bucheon Choice: Shorts + Korean Fantastic: Shorts

BOO Ji-young
Boo Ji-young attended Korean Academy of Film Arts and debuted with the award-winning feature film Sisters on the Road (2009). She directed the feature documentary project Myselves: The Actress No Makeup Project (2011), selected for the opening film of 2011 Seoul Independent Film Festival. In 2014 she directed her second fiction film Cart, invited to numerous festivals including Toronto Film Festival, is also the winner of the 10 Best Films of the Year of the 35th Korean Critics Choice Awards.
KIM Jae-uck
Kim Jae-uck first gained recognition for his work in MBC drama series Do It Your Way (2002). He performed in many television drama series and feature films, including the TV dramas Coffee Prince (2007), Marry Stayed Out All Night (2010) The Voice (2017), the films Antique (2008), Planck Constant (2014), Another Way (2015), The Last Princess (2016). Recently he starred in the Korea-Japan co-production feature film Butterfly Sleep (2017) and musical Amadeus.
Young Gun
Peter Kuplowsky is a film curator, content producer, writer and hat enthusiast based in Toronto. Since 2005, he has established a career championing genre cinema and outsider art at various film festivals, including Toronto After Dark, Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, and the Toronto International Film Festival’s Midnight Madness programme. Over the past few years, Kuplowsky has helped develop and produce a number of critically acclaimed feature films such as Manborg (2011), the concluding segment Z is for Zygote in The ABCs of Death: Part 2 (2014), The Interior (2015), The Void (2016).


Philip CHEAH
Philip Cheah is a film critic and is the editor of BigO, Singapore's only independent pop culture publication. He is currently program consultant for the Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival, the Eurasia International Film Festival, and Shanghai International Film Festival. He was given numerous awards for his dedication to Asian Film Industry from the Kyrgyzstan Film Critics, the Vietnam Cinema Association, the 8th Cinemanila International Film Festival, and the Korean Cinema Award at the 9th Pusan International Film Festival.
Wang Yao is a film critic, fantasy and sci-fi editor and critic. He holds a Ph.D of Film Studies and currently works as assistant researcher of Film Studies Department, Beijing Film Academy where he has a course on Sci-Fi Film Studies. He was editor for a fantasy novel journal "Novoland Fantasy" and several other fantasy journals of China. He works as a curator for Beijing International Film Festival and an upcoming sci-fi film festival in Zhongshan, as a curating consultant of Shanghai International Film Festival.
CHANG Sanling
HWANG Hee-yun
Hwang Hee-yeon is current editor-in-chief of KoBiz, the Korea Film Council(KOFIC)'s official English-language website and editorial committee member for the Korean Film Archive's official magazine. She is former editor-in-chief of Screen magazine and many other publications, including KOFIC's industry magazine Cino, Korean Cinema Today and Hyundai Card's newspaper The Modern Times. She has written several books on cinema and travel journals. Her publication includes How to Live Like Parisian, Women in Kamome Diner, The Cartoon History of the Cinema (translated titles).

EFFFF Asian Award

Dianne Leenders is financial director of the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. She's also the current representative of the BIFFF with the European Federation of Fantastic Film Festivals, to which she participated at its creation some 20 years ago. She attended the very first edition of BIFAN and will be back this year as a as a member of the EFFFF Jury.
Kristen BELL
Born in Trieste 1967, he is one the founder of Trieste Science+Fiction Festival that revived the heritage of the Trieste Science-Fiction Film Festival, one of the oldest european genre film events. He collaborated as a journalist with Noctruno Cinema the main italian genre film magazine. He is now the festival coordinator of the Science+Fiction Festival and secretary of La Cappella Underground the Trieste media library who organize the event from 2000.