World Fantastic Blue


  • 걸 파워

Brazil|2018|96min |Asian Premiere |

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636 7/18  11:30 CGV Bucheon 6 15
824 7/20  20:00 CGV Bucheon 3 15
1033 7/22  10:30 CGV Bucheon 3 15
636 7/18  11:30CGV Bucheon 6
824 7/20  20:00CGV Bucheon 3
1033 7/22  10:30CGV Bucheon 3

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Rio de Janeiro, 2016 – the hottest summer in history. As the city prepares for the Olympic Games, 32-year- old defense attorney Ana, works to protect a community threatened with eviction as the Olympic Park is built.

Program Note

Sultry weather continues in Rio de Janeiro. Staying in a hotel in town, Ana, a lawyer, continues to fight for supporting the inhabitants who oppose the development policy of the city. The city government raises trouble with the inhabitants due to enforcing the development without completing the approbation process of the residents ahead of the Olympic. Poor people who keep their fighting with only withstanding begin to be agitated, when one by one the neighbor disappeared. Meanwhile, Ana suffers from mysterious itching. She regarded it as simple symptom in the beginning, gets nervous when some spots start to appear on her skin and spread all over her body like bubble. It is the film about the redevelopment, environmental ollution and human suffering resulting from it as well. The film emphasize that the redevelopment is not the issue for only residents of the corresponding area, also is the common environment for the citizens, communities and even all mankind. It has very intense ending sequence to describe visually drastically that the relationship between the human and the space is not the business with self-interest like a cat dying if it gets out of the attached space. The compelling story reflecting the reality faithfully becomes a stepping stone for the audience to accept and feel the fantasy situation. (KIM So-hee)


마리나 멜리안지


Born in 1980, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Marina is both a director and editor. She studied at the University Federal Fluminense and at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains, in France. As an editor, she worked on more than 40 films since 2004 to 2018. Sultry has been supported by the Cinéfondation’s Residence.


Leonardo Mecchi

Felipe Bragança, Marina Meliande

Glauco Firpo

Rodrigo Lima, Marina Meliande

Edson Secco

Production Design
Dina Salem Levy

Marina Provenzzano, Pedro Gracindo, Analu Prestes


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