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The Hungry Lion

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Japan|2017|78min |Korean Premiere |

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When a pornographic video is leaked, it is rumored that Hitomi is the girl in the film. She denies it, but the story spreads like wildfire, with tragic consequences; a stark reminder that we live in the golden age of fake news.

Program Note

In a high school in Japan, a teacher is arrested by the police for dating a minor. Students assume that it is their classmate, Hitomi who had a relationship with the teacher. Speculation spreads before long and seems to be a fait accompli. Rumors make rumors and the situation got worse. Finally, Hitomi’s boyfriend and her family are beginning to doubt her. She insists that she never did, but no one trusts and she is told that she should take a break from school for a while even though she did not commit a mistake. All this pushes Hitomi toward extreme selection. In the dangerous hidden side of the online world such as SNS, people’s attitude that nobody listen to her words seems more frightening than any fear throughout the film. The media that treats gossip about Hitomi, the merchants who sell the case as an item through secondary processing, and the irresponsible adults who make words at school and home plausible. This film can be read enough as a social drama making people think about how sinners are made. (JEONG Ji-hye)


오가타 타카오미

OGATA Takaomi

Ogata Takaomi started making films after he left his company at 25. His first feature film was Never Ending Blue (2011). His films are characterized by sharp insights, and raises questions that emphasize on social issues. The Hungry Lion (2017) was screened at the 2017 Tokyo Film Festival. and the 2018 Film Festival Rotterdam


Onogawa Hiroyuki, Ogata Takaomi

Ogata Takaomi

Negishi Kenichi

Sawai Yumi

Tanaka Makoto

Production Design
Nonaka Shigeki

Matsubayashi Urara, Mizuishi Atomu, Tsutsui Mariko

GETA FILMS / Spirits Project Inc.

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