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White Chamber

  • 밀실
  • 마약
  • SF
  • 고문
  • 걸 파워

UK|2017|89min |Asian Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
115 7/13  16:30 CGV Sopoong 3 15 GV
317 7/15  20:20 CGV Sopoong 3 15 GV
628 7/18  20:00 CGV Bucheon 3 15
115 7/13  16:30CGV Sopoong 3
15  GV
317 7/15  20:20CGV Sopoong 3
15  GV
628 7/18  20:00CGV Bucheon 3

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A woman wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid room. A voice from the outside demands information, but she claims to have none. To gain the answers he seeks, her captor uses the gruesome functionality of the room as an instrument of torture.

Program Note

UK in the near future. As racism and economic crisis escalate, rebels strike and civil war rages. A woman who calls herself Ruth wakes up in a state of being locked in a white chamber. Soon the mysterious voice sound and urges her to tell the secret of the white chamber. But Ruth pleads, “I am just a worker doing odd jobs, and don’t know anything about the it,” then the voice begins to torture Ruth using all sorts of devices in the white chamber. It is very interesting that the imprisoner is asking the prisoner about the secret of the chamber. It may be that Ruth herself created the white chamber that would eventually tighten her, who was trapped without a hole to escape. And the audience slowly approaches the secret of this chamber Was Brexit an exit or an isolation to the chamber with only pain and death? White Camber depicts the dystopian future of Britain through settings evoking claustrophobia. The shaking face of Suer or McDonald, who seems cold and hard, but is immediately shaken by anxiety and fear, may be the face of Englishmen walking unstably the 21st century. (Jay SOHN)


폴 라시드


Born in 1993, in London. Having grown up under the guidance of his producer father, Paul went on to complete a degree in English literature with film studies from King’s College London.
After writing and starring for Unhallowed Ground he debuted as a writer-director and starring with the film Servants’ Quarters (2016).


Jonnie Hurn, Neville Raschid

Paul Raschid

Glen Warrillow

Alex Martin

John Harle

Production Design
Lucy Gahagan

Shauna Macdonald, Oded Fehr, Amrita Acharia

Aviary Films

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