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Don't Leave Home

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USA, Ireland|2018|87min |Asian Premiere |

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319 7/15  12:30 CGV Sopoong 4 12
640 7/18  14:00 CGV Bucheon 7 12 GV
805 7/20  12:30 CGV Sopoong 2 12
319 7/15  12:30CGV Sopoong 4
640 7/18  14:00CGV Bucheon 7
12  GV
805 7/20  12:30CGV Sopoong 2

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A young American diorama artist is invited to present her work in Ireland by the estate of a mysterious priest now in isolation. While there, she becomes embroiled in a mystery involving her work and a missing girl, as well as some evil plot to do with the estate.

Program Note

An American artist, Melanie Thomas, works on diorama regarding mysterious disappearances that happened during the past thirty years. Thomas noted that a girl named Siobhan, who drew a portrait to a priest from the rural area in front of the statue of Maria, had gone missing. After receiving a phone call from an old woman who said she knew about the priest, she went to Ireland. At the old woman’s suggestion, she stayed at her house to continue on with the task of meeting the priest to find out the truth behind the disappearances, but weird phenomena kept happening. The original title is Don’t Leave Home , showing the terror that the main character experienced after leaving home. Director Michael Tully follows the gothic horror style and uses artist as his main character to solve inner conflicts through surrealistic thriller. The tragic fate of talented artists and uneasiness that all creators experienced are expressed by coming back forth between the real and the fantasy. The old lady, priest and butler surrounding Thomas show superb acting. Also, the beautiful rural scenes of Ireland displayed picturesque images and gave bleak and attractive horror effects with classical tunes playing in the background. (JUNG You-me)


마이클 툴리

Michael TULLY

Michael Tully is an actor and director, and his directorial credits include Ping Pong Summer (2014), Septien (2011), Silver Jew (2007), and Cocaine Angel (2006). He is the founding editor of Hammer to Nail, a website devoted to championing ambitious cinema. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.


George M. Rush, Tristan Orpen Lynch

Michael Tully

Wyatt Garfield

Zach Clark

Michael Montes

Production Design
Bart Mangrum

Anna Margaret Hollyman, Lalor Roddy, Helena Bereen

Automatic Entertainment

Star Rating full_starfull_starempty_starempty_starempty_star  3.33