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Ticketing Guide

  • 페이스북
  • 트위터
  • 카카오스토리
  • Cancellation is available until 1 hour before the screening.

    Cancellation fee per case during the day of screening: KRW 1,000

    Cancellation for issued tickets is available at the Box offices. (Must bring the ticket)

  • Tickets will not be replaced or refunded caused of personal problems.

    Loss, Damage, Traffic tie-up, Theater or Time mistake and so on

  • Punctual screening for smooth watching

    After screening, the designated seats not guaranteed.

  • Admission is strictly restricted according the film rating.

    Preschool children (under 8 years old) should be accompanied by guardians.
    * under 48 months: free, no separate seat offered.
    Over 12/15 years old
    Preschool children (under 8 years old) are not admitted, teenagers under 12/15 years old
    should beaccompanied by guardians.
    Over 18/19 years old
    Teenagers under 18/19 years old (regardless of ticket holders or guardian companion) are not admitted,
    and all secondary school students(over 18 years old) not admitted.

    Guardian?Parents over 18 years old or adults(Secondary school students excluded)

  • All audience must bring tickets, only admittance available for ticket holder.

    For online reservation, through checking the mobile ticket, ‘admittance’ without ticket issue is available.

    On-site ticket purchase is available until 5 minutes before the screening starts.

  • Foods which affect other audience are restricted.

    No alcohol admitted in the all theater.

    Only menus in the Mulitplex shops can be admitted into the theater.

    All foods and drinks except for the water with the lid is not permitted at Main Theater(2F)/
    Fantastic Cube(1F) in Bucheon City Hall, Solan Art Hall in Songnae Eoul Madang,
    Ojeong-gu offce Ojeong Art Hall, Sosa-gu office Sohyanggwan.

  • Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited during the screenings.

  • Please turn off your cell phone.