Ticketing Guide

All movies will start at the scheduled starting time

Designated seats will not be guaranteed for those entering after the scheduled starting time.
Pleasure ensure that you are seated before the start of the movie.
* In the case of short films, you can enter after each short film screening.

Not reissued ticket

Tickets will not be reissued and refunds will not be given for issues that arise from personal circumstances.
(lost tickets, damaged tickets, traffic delays, going to the wrong theater, mistaking the movie time, etc)

Ticket can be canceled

Cancellations may be made until 1 hour before a movie starts.

  • If a cancellation is made on the screening date, a fee of KRW 1,000 will be added per cancellation.
  • If you would like to cancel a ticket that has already been issued, you must do so by presenting the relevant ticket at a box office.

Age Restrictions

  • G-rated: In case of preschoolers (under the age of five to eight), it is available when accompanied by a guardian.
  • Under 12 not admitted: Visitors under 12 (born in 2007) are not allowed to watch, but are allowed to watch with their guardians.
  • Under 15 not admitted: under 15 (born in 2004) are not allowed to watch, but are allowed to watch with their guardians.
  • Under 18 not admitted: You can't watch it if you're under 18.(born in 2001)
  • Admission to the theater is prohibited for teenagers and those aged 18 or older, regardless of their ticket possession and their guardian's.
  • Infants under the age of 4 are not allowed to watch even with their parents.
  • What is a guardian?

A parent who is 18 years or older or an adult guardian (excludes students enrolled in high school).

Bring ticket

Only ticket holders will be allowed entrance into the theaters to watch the films.

  • After purchasing your ticket online, you may enter the theater with your 'mobile ticket' without having a physical ticket issued.
  • A ticket for a movie may be purchased on-site until the screening for the movie starts.

Food and Beverages may be prohibited

Foods that can cause discomfort or displeasure to others will not be allowed in.

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all theaters.
  • Only snacks and drinks purchased from a theater's snack stand are allowed into multiplex theaters.
  • Only water in lidded containers are allowed into the Bucheon City Hall Main Theater/City Hall Fantastic Cube/Korea Manhwa Museum.

No pictures and video

Taking pictures/videos is prohibited inside the theater once the movie starts.

Turn off mobile phone

Please remember to turn off your mobile phones to ensure that all audience members can enjoy the viewing experience.