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Ticketing Guide

  • 페이스북
  • 트위터
  • 카카오스토리
  • Cancellation is available until 1 hour before the screening.
    · Cancellation fee per case during the day of screening: KRW 1,000
    · Cancellation for issued tickets is available at the Box offices. (Must bring the ticket)

  • Tickets will not be replaced or refunded caused of personal problems.
    · Loss, Damage, Traffic tie-up, Theater or Time mistake and so on

  • Punctual screening for smooth watching
    · After screening, the designated seats not guaranteed.

  • Admission is strictly restricted according the film rating.
    · G-rated
    Preschool children (under 8 years old) should be accompanied by guardians.
    * under 48 months: free, no separate seat offered
                             If ticketing, preschool children discount applied up to 1 companion.
    * over 48 months old and under 8 years old: preschool children discount applied up to 1 companion.

    · Over 12/15 years old
    Preschool children (under 8 years old) are not admitted, teenagers under 12/15 years old (over 8 years old, born before 2010) should be accompanied by guardians.
    · Over 18 years old
    Teenagers under 18 years old (regardless of ticket holders or guardian companion) are not admitted, and all secondary school students(over 18 years old) not admitted.
    · Guardian?
    Parents over 18 years old or adults.(Secondary school students excluded)

  • All audience must bring tickets, only admittance available for ticket holder.
    · For on-line reservation, through checking the mobile ticket, ‘admittance’ without ticket issue is available.
    · On-site ticket purchase is available until 5 minutes before the screening starts.

  • Foods which affect other audience are restricted.
    · No alcohol admitted in the all theater.
    · Only menus in the Mulitplex shops can be admitted into the theater.
    · All foods and drinks except for the water with the lid is not permitted at
       Main Theater(2F)/Fantastic Cube(1F) in Bucheon City Hall, Solan Art Hall in Songnae Eoul Madang,
       Korea Manwha Museum, Ojeong-gu Offce Ojeong Art Hall, Sosa-gu Office Sohyanggwan.

  • Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited during the screenings.

  • Please turn off your cell phone.