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Our House

  • 가족
  • 스쿨걸

Japan|2017|80min |Korean Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
132 7/13  18:30 CGV Bucheon 3 G GV
322 7/15  20:30 CGV Sopoong 4 G GV
945 7/21  10:30 CGV Bucheon 5 G
132 7/13  18:30CGV Bucheon 3
322 7/15  20:30CGV Sopoong 4
945 7/21  10:30CGV Bucheon 5

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This story is about four people occupying the same space in parallel universes. At the center of the tale is a small, two-story home in a nondescript seaside town, where two intertwined stories unfold simultaneously.

Program Note

“I thought someone came back.” The movie starts with this quote from a girl named Seri. What could it be that Seri is feeling? Seri, living with her mother, soon turns fourteen. Seri is unhappy about her mom having a new lover. With her best friend, Seri shadows her mom’s dating scene or acts up to her new date. Meanwhile, after showing Seri’s story and her home, the movie presents new characters. Sana, who lost all her memory and woke up alone in a big boat, follows Toko, who is kind to her with frankness, to her home and decides to stay there for a while. However, Toko’s house is the same as previously shown Seri’s. It is as if Sana and Seri’s time overlaps with each other or as if someone’s past overlaps with someone else’s present. Did they fall into the black hole of time? Sana asks herself ‘who really am I?’, and each of them vaguely senses that she is linked with someone from somewhere. This movie is a kind of the growth and family drama and maintains the emotion and structure of it. And at the same time, it steadily carries the genre-specific suspense of mystery or thriller. This is a production of Kiyohara Yui, a rookie director from Japan, and was awarded Grand Prix from PFF 2017. (JEONG Ji-hye)


기요하라 유이


Born in Tokyo, in 1992, Kiyohara Yui majored the Arts Imaging Arts & Sciences at Musashino Art University and film directing at the graduate school of Tokyo University of the Arts. Her graduation film called Our House won the Grand Prize in 2017 at the Pia Film Festival.


Ikemoto Ryotaro, Sano Masaru

Kiyohara Yui, Kato Noriko

Chida Ryota

Kambaraliev Janybek

Sugimoto Keiichi

Production Design
Kato Yoko

Kawanishi Nodoka, Yasuno Yukiko, Osawa Mariwo

PFF General Incorporated Association

Star Rating full_starfull_starempty_starempty_starempty_star  3.50