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Afghanistan, Australia, Norway, Bosnia, India|2018|90min |Asian Premiere |

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247 7/14  10:00CGV Bucheon 5
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342 7/15  20:30CGV Bucheon 4
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Rockabul is a ary about Afghanistan’s first metal band, District Unknown, who lived on the fringes of Afghan society, way beyond the grasp of conservative Islam. To challenge conflict with culture, District Unknown put themselves and their followers literally in the firing line.

Program Note

Documentary witnesses the fact. RocKabul summons the present of Afghanistan through five young people who follow progressive metal. This film reviews guerrilla warfare and culture campaign of the US government. The present day in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul after the devastation of war is anomie itself. Rock music that five youths have chosen to resist and fight against war affects their people bit by bit. This film is aggressive in revealing the struggle of the existing young people, who have no place to go, but nevertheless want to settle down with the name of ‘District Unreal’. Freedom, peace and the presence of a wealthy young man. The postwar generation chooses rock music as a way out. This is a kind of proof of their living. They express their identity in that way and speak of freedom. Cross-editing for revealing the horror of war and music in ‘District Unknown’ as a kind of metaphor, shows that this film is beyond a simple music film. And about music again. Their beginning was inimal, but the end would be great? (JUNGHYUN Hae Yong)


트래비스 비어드

Travis BEARD

Travis Beard studied photojournalism and worked globally as a photojournalist for 12 years. Travis Beard originally went to Afghanistan to volunteer as a journalist and to teach photojournalism. He saw potential in the band District Unknown (DU), and took the opportunity to manage Afghanistan’s first heavy metal band.


Brooke Tia Silcox, Travis Beard

Travis Beard, Ellie Kealey

Travis Beard, Reginald Simek, Graig Goode

Jason Beard aka. Major Delay

Yousef, Lemar, Qais, Pedram, Qasem, Travis Beard


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