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The Tokoloshe

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South Africa|2017|91min |World Premiere |

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109 7/13  12:00 CGV Sopoong 2 12 GV
256 7/14  20:30 CGV Bucheon 6 12 GV
626 7/18  13:00 CGV Bucheon 3 12
109 7/13  12:00CGV Sopoong 2
12  GV
256 7/14  20:30CGV Bucheon 6
12  GV
626 7/18  13:00CGV Bucheon 3

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A young, destitute woman lands a job as a janitor at a rundown hospital in Johannesburg. There, she sees an abandoned young girl being tormented by a supernatural force and must face her own demons from the past to save both the girl and herself.

Program Note

Busi is a young destitute woman with repressed emotions, who lands a job as a cleaner at a rundown hospital in Johannesburg. She has to cope with predatory and corrupt hospital manager. One night, Busi discovers an abandoned young girl tormented by a supernatural force. She must face her own demons from her past to save the girl from the abusive monster that pursues them both relentlessly. The Tokoloshe is a feature directorial debut of Jerome Pikawane, who uses ‘tokoloshe,’ a popular monster to every child in South Africa, as a metaphor to reflect on a society oppressing women and children by abuse. The monster here is the system, in which the father and the manager can get away without any consequences. Busi is the voice of reason to destroy such monster. Set in a claustrophobic environment that is a rundown hospital, Mr. Pikawane successfully brings out an all-pervasive fear with uniquely African twist. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


제롬 픽웨인


He studied at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and furthered his studies in writing and directing at the New York Film Academy in 2001.
He has also directed a number of award-winning commercials for clients such Play-Station and MTN, working at Africa’s top production company, Velocity.


Dumi Gumbi, Cati Weinek

Dumi Gumbi, Cati Weinek

Author of the Original Work
Richard Kunzmann, Jerome Pikwane

Trevor A. Brown

Bruce McLaren-Lyall

Benjamin Willem

Production Design
Andrew Chandler

Leiden Colbet, Ramunasi Fhathwani

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