Festival Identity


Official Symbol Cell of Fantasy 'Cell of Fantasy', holds diverse possibilities and symbolizes the energy of BIFAN as it brims with new imagination each year. Cell of Fantasy's free-form shape with its contrasting visual cues (e.g. yin and yang, contraction and expansion) is a metaphor for themes embraced by BIFAN, including love, fantasy, adventure, and imagination.



The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival continues with its iconic slogan since 2021, 'Stay Strange', reaffirming its commitment to its identity as a genre film festival that supports non-mainstream talents. The number '5027' on the license plate of the car in the poster stands for the partnership between Bucheon City, celebrating its 50th anniversary, and the festival which will run its 27th edition this year. The Cell of Fantasy, the symbol of the film festival, is depicted as time-traveling rabbits as they are departing for Bucheon City. Symbols related to the city, such as the old Sosa Station, Bucheon City Hall, and fluttering peach blossoms, are placed everywhere. The intense colors that stimulate a retro feel add flavor to the poster. All this expresses BIFAN’s wish to send audience, citizens and filmmakers on an exciting journey through the past and the future, through reality and cinema.

This year's posters were designed by creative graphic design studio Contraflow Inc. and illustrated by talented artist Choi Jee-ook, who has built his own unique world with his brilliant imagination