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Festival Identity

  • 페이스북
  • 트위터
  • 카카오스토리


Official Symbol: Cell of Fantasy

In celebration of BIFAN's 20th anniversary, the festival symbol was rebranded
to strengthen the festival's identity. The rebranded symbol, 'Cell of Fantasy',
holds diverse possibilities and symbolizes the energy of BIFAN as it brims
with new imagination each year.

Cell of Fantasy's free-form shape with its contrasting visual cues
(e.g. yin and yang, contraction and expansion) is a metaphor for themes embraced
by BIFAN, including love, fantasy, adventure, and imagination.



Directed in the style of a thriller mystery, the elements for the trailer's concept were chosen to be reality, unreality, and experimentation to fit with BIFAN's identity. An experimental technique was used to express an unrealistic incident that occurs in a realistic space. For the opening scene, a man and two animals can be seen racing towards a building rooftop when they crash into each other. The crash that occurs illustrates a sense of tension and dynamic energy.

Director | Kangmin KIM

  • Graduate of SADI's Communication Design program
  • BFA, MFA in Experimental Animation, CalArts (California Institute of the Arts)
  • Co-founder of STUDIO ZAZAC

Kangmin KIM has won numerous awards for his animation short (2015) at prominent film festivals all over the world such as Sundance, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Fim Festival, Ottawa International Animation Festival, and Jeonju International Film Festival. He works with a team of stop motion artists at his studio to use hand crafted media to make creative visuals, and is regarded as a pioneer of the stop motion animation genre.