Free Screening

A Visiting Local Movie Theater

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival holds a free screening at theaters in the region during the festival to reach Bucheon citizens.
After the screening, a conversation with the audience (GV) will be held.
※ Free screening and pre-booking (Naver) will be available from 14:00 on June 12 (Mon) until the seats are exhausted.

Screening Schedule

Date Venue Information
June 30 (Fri) Sohyang Hall (Sosabon-dong Administrative Welfare Center) 19:00 Sprinter
July 1 (Sat) Solan Art Hall 14:00 Rebound
19:00 Someone You Loved
July 2 (Sun) BucheonStarfieldCity 7F Star Garden 20:30 Sunday League
June 30 (Fri)
Venue: Sohyang Hall
(Sosabon-dong Administrative Welfare Center)
Information: 19:00 Sprinter
July 1 (Sat)
Venue : Solan Art Hall
Information : 14:00 Reboundi
19:00 Someone You Loved
July 2 (Sun)
Venue : BucheonStarfieldCity 7F Star Garden
Information : 20:30 Sunday League

Film Information

상영작 소개 이미지

June 30 (Fri) 19:00 / Sohyang Hall

  • Sprinter
  • CHOI Seungyeon
    • CHOI Seungyeon
    • 2023
    • 87min

Although Jung-ho was a promising 'Jung-ho' who was afraid of losing the best position of the record holder 'Hyun-soo' with only retirement left, 'Jun-seo', who is on the verge of disbanding the team, still has to keep running. Stay where you are. Go!

상영작 소개 이미지

July 1 (Sat) 14:00 / Solan Art Hall

  • Rebound
  • JANG Hangjun
    • JANG Hangjun
    • 2023
    • 122min

Yang Hyun, a former basketball player-turned-public service worker, will be selected as the new coach of the basketball team of Busan Central High School, which is on the verge of disbanding. However, Yongsan High School, the strongest player in high school basketball, is the first opponent in the national tournament. Chung-Ang High School, whose teamwork has collapsed, results in a disgraceful forfeiture and the school even discusses the disbandment of the basketball team, but "Yang-hyun" gathers the players again, recalling his high school days when he reached MVP. "Kyu Hyuk, an all-round small forward who gave up his dream due to a slumping guard "Ki-beom" injury, was a seven-year-old power forward "Kangho," who played only jump-starting football, but he was the weakest player in the nation.

상영작 소개 이미지

July 1 (Sat) 19:00 / Solan Art Hall

  • Someone You Loved
  • HYUNG Seul-woo
    • HYUNG Seul-woo
    • 2023
    • 103min

How long does it take to deal with a breakup? What if I change my contact's nickname to the full name? What if I delete my Kakaotalk friend? If you stop following me on social media? The process of breaking up from loved ones to acquaintances to strangers.

상영작 소개 이미지

July 2 (Sun) 20:30 / BucheonStarfieldCity 7F Star Garden

  • Sunday League
  • LEE Sungil
    • LEE Sungil
    • 2022
    • 83min

Junil, once a promising national team player, now just a coach in a local soccer class. He is on the verge of being fired for his old-fashioned mind and lazy coaching, and he is about to get a divorce. Junil is given an irresistible mission in exchange for a full-time job! President Kim, Choi, and Park, who know nothing about "foot" and "sal" in a very short period of time, should be transformed into G and SON levels by the amateur futsal competition of the "Cheolsoo Football Team." Oh my futsal! The "Sunday League" begins with the dream and rice line of adults!


  • It’s free screening.
  • You can make a reservation through Naver pre-booking. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on the day from an hour before the screening begins.
  • Food other than drinks with a lid is prohibited.
  • The GV will be held after the screening, so please keep your seat as much as possible.
  • The outdoor screening, which will be held at BucheonStarfieldCity 7F Star Garden in rainy weather, will be held at the 2F's Star Kids.