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South Africa|2018|90min |World Premiere |

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937 7/21  13:00 CGV Bucheon 3 15
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After losing his relief agency job, a muslim young man Zahid returns home to Mayfair and faces his family's trouble with a Somali clan involving drug deals. He is torn between saving family business or leaving Mayfair for good with the love his life.

Program Note

Zaid is a prodigal son who returns home to Mayfair, an Indian-Muslim neighborhood in Johannesburg, after being fired from a refugee camp for doing the good deed (albeit illegally.) He sees his father is over his head with a soured deal on his business with Somalis. Initially reluctant to get involved, Zaid has to choose between his family or preserving his faith when Ameena, his first love, and Faiza, his baby sister, get kidnapped after a failed Somali cash drop. Directed by South African Sara Blecher, Mayfair is a tale of father and son relationship disguised as classic gangster film; what makes it unique is the director infusing her female perspective on a male-centered genre and a story about manhood. Ms. Blecher effectively presents the moral dilemma of a son and the reasons behind his decision in the end. A sense of up close and personal is definitely evident here; Mayfair hits bit too close to home for many. (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


사라 블레처


Sara Blecher is a ary director and producer. Sara was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. She graduated with the honors from NYU film school. Her first film related job was as a production assistant on the ary Paris is Burning (1990). Since then, she made her own films and has been invited to countless film festivals around the world.


Dayo Ogunyemi, Imraan Jeeva

Neil McCarthy

Miles Goodall

Megan Gill

Phillip Miller

Production Design
Chantel Carter

Ronak Patani, Rajesh Gopie, Wayne Van Rooyen

234 Media

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