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Diary of My Mind

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Switzerland|2017|70min |Asian Premiere |

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137 7/13  10:30 CGV Bucheon 5 15
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625 7/18  19:30CGV Sopoong 6
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A literature teacher encourages her students to write a diary over the several months they work together. One unremarkable 18-year-old in the class sends her his diary just a few minutes before gunning down both his parents.

Program Note

Director Ursula Meier and actor Kacey Mottet Klein have been working on three feature films and a short ary since they first met in the film Home in 2008. Diary of My Mind is a film with the special relationship between the two who have grown together, has been deeply engraved in the narrative. Benjamin (Kasey Motet Kline) kills his parents with a pistol found in his father’s closet. Just before the murder, Benjamin sends a manuscript of the crime journal, which he has written for a few days, to the French teacher, Esther (Fanny Ardant), by mail. Esther encouraged her students to face their inner darkness and share their diary with other students. This film deals with the dilemma appearing when the artistic act facing the inner dark desire results in the execution of a crime. The dangerous relationship between Benjamin and Esther after the incident is to evoke the relat ionship between director Ursula and actor Kacey. The actor who has to pull out the darkness inside the mind to play the juvenile offender, and the director’s position to encourage the actor not to fall far into his character, are dissolved in the structure of the story and the psychological trajectory of characters. (KIM So-hee)


우슬라 메이어

Ursula MEIER

Ursula Meier is a French-Swiss film director and screenwriter who received the Best Director Award at the 2008 Festival du Film Francophone. She majored in visual arts from Belgium’s Institut des Arts de Diffusion. In 2013, she was a member of the jury at the 2013 Moscow Film Festival.


Lionel Baier, Françoise Mayor

Antoine Jaccoud, Ursula Meier

Jeanne Lapoirie

Nelly Quettier

Patrick Becker

Production Design
Anna Van Brée

Fanny Ardant, Kacey Mottet Klein

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