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FAQ – NAFF Project Market Online


FAQ – NAFF Project Market Online

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Q. When is the NAFF event period?
A. This year’s B.I.G takes place online from July 8th(Thu) ~ July 13th(Tue), for 6 days.
Q. What is the detailed schedule for NAFF Project Market?
Preliminary meeting request period: June 25th(Fri) ~ July 2nd(Fri) 17:00(KST, UTC/GMT+9).
Jury Meeting: July 5th(Mon) ~ July 7th(Wed)
Project Meeting: July 8th(Thu) ~ July 13th(Tue)
Q. Are there any physical events taking place like the B.I.G opening ceremony?
A. As we are strictly following the social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Any kind of physical events will not take place.
Q. When will the awards winners be announced?
A. We will announce awards winners on July 15th(Thu) online (B.I.G News)

Q. How do I access b.square(NAFF online business meeting platform)?
A. Please click the NAFF Project Meeting button on our official B.I.G main website. (http://www.bifan.kr/eng/big/index.asp)
Q. What is the detailed schedule for NAFF Project Market?
A. Follow the steps below:
1. Watch the pitching videos of the projects and check the projects’ information from NAFF Project Book.
2. Click NAFF Project Meeting button to access b.square.
3. Log in to the b.square and request a meeting.
4. The accepted meeting will be scheduled on your agenda. (Meeting will take place only if the other party accepts it.)
※ For more detailed information, please check “How to use b.square”.

Q. Can only one representative (director or producer) register into b.square?
A. YES. Only one representative per project(we call it POC) can be registered in the system. However, anyone with the meeting link can attend the Project Meeting. Share the Agenda(Meeting schedule and link) with the participants who want to attend the meeting.
Q. When will the meeting request be closed?
 A. Your preliminary meeting request period is June 25th(Fri) ~ July 2nd(Fri) 17:00 (KST, UTC/GMT +9), but you can still request/accept meetings till July 12th 17:00. From July 8th ~ July 12th, your new agendas will be generated and shared via email on every 17:00 (KST, UTC/GMT+9). Please check your email regularly to see your updated agenda.

Q. Can I change the meeting time of the fixed meeting schedule?
A. b.square is a platform that automatically sets the meeting schedule by mutual agreement system, so changing the meeting time is not available. If you can’t meet the fixed meeting time, make sure to change your Availability status(in your time, not event time) by clicking the green time box and turn it red till July 2nd, 17:00 (KST, UTC/GMT+9).

Q. Is there a limit to the number of participants in the Project Meeting?
A. There is no limit to the number of people. You can attend the meeting if you know the meeting link and schedule. For the POC of each project, please share the agenda(schedule and link) with the meeting participants in advance.
Q. Should all director(s) and producer(s) attend the meeting?
A. NO. Only one person (either a director or producer) attending the meeting is fine. However, in the case of the Jury Meeting, we recommend both director and producer to attend the meeting.
Q. Can other project-involved people who aren’t the director/producer participate in the meetings?
A. YES they can, by receiving the agenda(meeting schedule and link) from POC.
Q. I want to cancel the scheduled meeting.
A. As of our rules and regulations, project participants are not allowed to reject industry guests’ meeting requests. In the case of an industry guest, please contact the coordinator(industry@bifan.kr) via email to cancel the meeting.

Q. My requested meeting’s status has changed from ACCEPTED to PENDING.
A. In this case, it means that your interlocutor’s availability(time slot) has changed. If you still want to have a meeting with the same guest/project, please request them once more in order to generate a new meeting agenda.
Q. I couldn’t do the meeting because my interlocutor didn’t show up. In this case, can I make another meeting?
A. Except for the Jury Meeting, other meetings can be re-booked if your interlocutor is available and accepts your meeting request again.
Q. I’d like to set another meeting with the person/project I already had a meeting with.
A. You can have only one meeting with a specific interlocutor. If you want to have additional meetings, we suggest you contact them privately by searching their contacts in our official NAFF Project Book’s INDEX page.
Q. When I open the emailed Agenda link from Chrome, nothing appears in the PDF page.
A. Please open it through using another browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Safari), and delete the cache and cookies when using Chrome.

Q. How can I watch the pitching videos?
A. Instructions on how to watch the pitching video will be guided only to the B.I.G guests.

Q. Till when can I watch the pitching video?
A. Pitching videos will be open till July 18th(Sun), the last day of BIFAN festival.
Q. The pitching video is somehow lagging or slow.
A. The video itself has no problems. Please check your internet connection or other environments.