Adrenaline Ride

Adrenaline Ride lays out an exciting party table full of recent films in traditional hardcore horror and action genres, undoubtedly set to make horror movie fans go wild.

Director Yamaguchi Yudai and action star Sakaguchi Tak reunite after a long break in the action-packed film ONE-PERCENTER, which delivers raw and intense action sequences. Two compelling folk horror films, Bldg N. and Best Regards to All, dig into the dark side of collective beliefs and the inherent violence within. The gripping legal thriller The Sparring Partner is known for its intense violence, and the protagonist Pui Tung Mak earned the Best New Comer Award and Best Actor Award at the Asian Film Awards at the Hong Kong Film Festival. #Manhole with Yûto Nakajima, Nao, and Kento Nagayama, along with Soi Cheng's Mad Fate, captivated audiences at sold out screenings at the Berlin International Film Festival. Kenneth Dagatan's In My Mother's Skin was invited to Sundance's Midnight Section and garnered excellent reviews, and it was also Asian Discovery Award winner at 2019 NAFF It Project. Adrenaline Ride presents a diverse array of horror, thriller, and action films from across Asia – including the psychological Horror Faces of Anne from Thailand, the comic adventure A Guys' Story from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and the return of Vietnam's Binh Giang Le with Rock-a-bye Baby, who previously presented his work KFC (2017) at the festival.

Among the noteworthy titles from Latin America at BIFAN are two world premieres. Jorge Michel Grau, known for We Are What We Are (2010), which was later later remade in Hollywood, is at the forefront of Mexican genre cinema. His new film Rabia is a fantasy thriller that uses the werewolf motif to take a hard look at the violent realities of contemporary Mexican society. AUXILIO - Tthe Power of Sin, a new film by Argentinian female filmmaker Tamae Garateguy, is a provocative, feminist adaptation of the Nunsploitation genre. Gustavo Hernández's Ferocious Wolf is a remake of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado's hit Big Bad Wolves (2013), blending the original's character ensemble and suspense with a contemporary South American setting. Memory of Water, a fresh blend of dystopian sci-fi and female-driven action thriller, and Nightmare, a psychological thriller in which everyday sensitivities escalate into extreme fear, are selections from NAFF BIFAN's genre project market. They exemplify the current landscape of Nordic genre cinema, with talented female directors making their distinctive marks. Set in a remote mountain village, Nightsiren offers an intriguing appreciation of folk horror. It masterfully balances the tension of a woman's trauma with the mystery of hidden truths, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The documentary King on Screen offers an in-depth exploration of the original films of the master of American genre literature, serving as a perfect gift for Stephen King fans.

English-language selections in this year's Adrenaline Ride are bound to draw all hardcore horror fans to BIFAN, as they don't want to miss the only chance to watch their beloved movies on big screen. First up is Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment of the legendary film series, this time with a newcomer Lily Sullivan fighting the 'deadites'; next is Infinity Pool, the insanely over-the-top 3rd feature by Brandon Cronenberg with a biting statement on nihilism and privilege of the rich that is bound to make his legendary dad proud; and Terrifier 2, a superior sequel to the killer antics of Art the Clown. With added black humor, the film fully brings the over-the-top violence of the 80s slashers.