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India|2017|146min |Korean Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
238 7/14  12:30 CGV Bucheon 3 18
503 7/17  19:30 Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F) 18
910 7/21  10:30 Korea Manhwa Museum 18
238 7/14  12:30CGV Bucheon 3
503 7/17  19:30Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
910 7/21  10:30Korea Manhwa Museum

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The life of a teacher from a wealthy family in Delhi is plunged into turmoil when her daughter is raped by a gang. Will she leave it to the law? or track the abusers down herself? This story shows just how far a mother will go for the sake of her children.

Program Note

A mother (and a teacher) is very worried about how to deal with her adolescent step daughter. She loves her but cannot get close to her. The more she tries to get close, the more often there are hostilities or misunderstanding. One day, the girl goes to a party, is kidnapped and gets raped. Although the perpetrators are caught, they are released due to a shortage of evidence. She is watching her daughter, who is having a hard time dealing with the trauma, she decides not to believe anybody else except herself and her daughter. She goes directly to the perpetrator. It is a common story line in court dramas, but the real interest in this film is the mothers’ noble feelings. The film tells us in detail the tragedy that happened to her daughter. However, the legal system pretends not to in know the truth. It is the intense will of the mother who stays in the relationship with the daughter to fill this frustrating vacancy. This is an emotion that is not simply reduced to a level of maternal love. It is the mother’s revenge for her daughter, the punishment of woman towards men, the resistance to the world that neglects women rights, and above all the heated women’s solidarity. (PARK Woo-sung)


라비 우드야와르


Ravi Udyawar, an artist, illustrator and advertising director, has made a successful screen debut with Mom.


Boney Kapoor

Girish Kohli

Anay Goswami

Monisha R Baldawa

A.R. Rahman

Production Design
Ridhika Kapur

Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui


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