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Festival Site

Bucheon City Hall

July 12(Thu) ~ July 22(Sun)

Bucheon City Hall
1F Theater(Fantastic Cube) | Flea Market(July 14(Sat))
2F Theater(Eoul Madang) | Figure Exhibition
3F Press Center(Communication Madang)
Grass Square Theaters(Outdoor Screening) | Promotion Booth
Bucheon City hall Outdoors Box Office | Information Desk | Fantaship Member Booth | Souvenir Shop | Badge Desk | Guest Cafe
Bucheon City Council 1F A Special Exhibition of Jung Woo-sung & An exhibition of the 20th anniversary of Indy Story:
Gallery in Bucheon City Council

CGV Bucheon

July 13(Fri) ~ July 22(Sun)

Hyundai Dept. Store Jungdong U-Plex 6F

CGV Bucheon
5F Information Desk
6F Theaters(3~7) | Box Office | Souvenir Shop

CGV Sopoong

July 13(Fri) ~ July 22(Sun)

Newcore Bucheon Store 7F

CGV Sopoooong
1F Information Desk
7F Theaters(2~6) | Box Office | Souvenir Shop

Korea Manhwa Museum

July 13(Fri) ~ July 22(Sun) Box Office & Souvenir Shop will be closed on July 17(Tue)

Korea Manhwa Museum
1F Theater | Box Office | Souvenir Shop | Information Desk

Songnae Solan Art Hall

July 13(Fri) ~ July 20(Fri)

Songnae Eoul Madang 4F

Songnae Solan Art Hall
4F Theater | Box Office | Information Desk