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Program Event

  • 페이스북
  • 트위터
  • 카카오스토리

Mega Talk | Contact, JEON Do-yeon

  • WhenJuly 14(Fri) 17:00 After the screening of Secret Sunshine
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Main Theater(2F)
Part of special program which celebrates Ms. JEON Do-yeon’s 20th anniversary of her debut, she will meet the audience after the screening of Secret Sunshine which made her the laureate of Best Actress Award at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.
  • Guest | JEON Do-yeon (actress), LEE Chang-dong (director)
  • Moderator | KIM Haeri (Film Critic, Writer)

Mega Talk | Terrible Women: the strong, the monstrous, and the badass

  • WhenJuly 16(Sun) 17:30
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)
Here they are…! Thumping on male authority with overwhelming physical force without hesitation, or having patriarchs trembled in fear with their thunderous monster-like presence; such as badass characters in Gloria and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and monstrous-female characters in Carrie and Ieoh Island. With two distinguished culture critics, it will be a session where we do research on those untamed women characters.
  • Guest | Jay SOHN (Critic), CHO Hye-young (Film critic)
  • Moderator | Ellen KIM (Programmer, BIFAN)

*Interpretation services will be provided.
*The Mega Talk is going be held for 2 hours.

Master Class | Álex DE LA IGLESIA: El Maestro Cineasta Fantastico

  • WhenJuly 17(Mon) 14:00 After the screening of The Bar
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 6 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
A one of a kind, up close and personal meeting with one of the grandeurs of modern genre films all the way from Spain, who is called ‘the popular auteur’. Taking place right after the screening of his latest film, The Bar  with appearances by special guests.
  • Guest | Álex DE LA IGLESIA (Director)
  • Moderator | Jongsuk Thomas NAM (B.I.G Programmer)

Master Class | Mick GARRIS on Book Adaptation - Stephen King's The Shining, A Mini-Series

  • WhenJuly 18(Tue) 16:00~18:00
  • WhereSongnae Chaeumneul
An award-winning screenwriter/director/producer, Mick GARRIS prolific career has spanned for more than 4 decades. His close friendship with the world-famous writer Stephen King has resulted in countless successful collaboration, including the duo’s take on King’s classic novel, The Shining. On Tuesday, July 18th, Mr. Garris will appear in person to give an in-depth account on this collaboration, which will always be compared to the 1980 version by Stanley Kubrick.

  • Guest | Mick GARRIS (Director/Producer/Screenwriter)
  • Moderator | Jongsuk Thomas NAM (B.I.G Programmer)

*Free admission. First come, first served basis.

Mega Talk x KIM Haeri 's Film Club

  • WhenJuly 17(Mon) 20:00~21:30
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 4 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
Top-rated podcast‘KIM Haeri’s Film Club’ goes to public at BIFAN. KIM Haeri’s signature warm yet sharp analysis, LIM Soo-jung’s specialty in touching people’s emotions and a final touch from CHOI Da-eun’s music story enriches the show. A special edition at BIFAN, an interesting and meticulous conversation about Okja, director BONG Joon-ho’s latest work and a hot potato in film industry, is waiting for the audience.
  • Guest | LIM Soo-jung (Actress), CHOI Da-Eun (Producer-SBS Radio)
  • Moderator | KIM Haeri (Film Critic, Writer)

*Free admission. First come, first served basis.
*Limited access to non-Korean speaking audience. (No interpretation will be served.)

Special Talk | Cherish the memory of late Director HONG Ki-seon - Searching for 'Bluebird' in Independent Cinema

  • WhenSaturday, July 15th followed by Surise and Parangsae (15:30~)
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)
In memory of the late director HONG Ki-seon with his life-long effort to shoot films fighting against the social unfairness, BIFAN presents digitally re-mastered version of Surise and Parangsae for the first time. After its screening, a special opportunity is waiting for the audience to recall the very beginning of Korean independent cinema and the late director.
  • Guest | KIM Insoo, Nang Hui-seop, KIM Joong-ki, OH Jeong-ok, CHOI Kang-hyeok
  • Moderator | CHO Young-gak 

7th BIFAN Youth Film Academy Awards Ceremony

  • WhenJuly 19(Wed) 20:00 After the screening
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 5 (Hyundai U-PLEX)

Special Talk | Directors meet JEON Do-yeon

  • When15:00~16:00 on Saturday, July 15th
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 8 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
For 20 years since her debut, JEON Do-yeon has successfully claimed her wide spectrum as an actress. Yet other interesting stories await the audiences from the directors of her films. This is a rare chance to meet them and their works with JEON Do-yeon in person, only at BIFAN.
  • Guest | JEON Do-yeon (Actress), OH Seung-wook (Director), JUNG Jiwoo (Director)
  • Moderator | KIM Hyungseok (Film Critic)