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Program Event

Megatalk | JUNG Woo-sung: The Star, the Actor, the Artist

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 13 (Fri), After 15:30 ‘Beat’ screening
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Main Theater (2F)

Jung Woo-sung started his career as one of the most shining high teen stars, and now he overwhelms the audiences. He is also a good influence to the world as an artist. The film Beat made him the symbol of youth. Kim Sung-soo, the director of Beat, will join Jung Woo-sung and discuss his film life. His unheard background story will open here.

Panel : JUNG Woo-sung (Actor), KIM Sung-soo (Director)

Master Class | Joko ANWAR talks Satan’s Slave

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 13 (Fri), After 16:30 ‘Satan’s Slaves’ screening
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 5

​Following a screening of Satan’s Slave, Indonesia’s no.1 domestic box-office hit of 2017 that’s been sold to more than 42 countries, the director Joko Anwar shares his candid view on the film, its background and his takes on what it’s like to be a genre filmmaker in Asia.

Moderator : Jongsuk Thomas NAM (Programmer)
Panel :  Joko ANWAR (Director)

Megatalk | Director KOO Hye-sun: Film and Me

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 14 (Sat), After 16:00 ‘INDIESTORY Shorts 3’ screening
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube

Koo Hye-sun is an actress, writer, painter and a director. She dreams of becoming an artist, she is following her dream building her own world. We have a special meeting with her to celebrate the 20th anniversary of INDIESTORY. You can see her passion by watching her first short film, The Madonna and her latest film, Mystery Pink.

Moderator :  LEE Hwajung (Journalist, Cine21)
Panel : KOO Hye-sun (Director)

Mega Talk | Hitchhiker's Guide to the Korean Independent Films - INDIESTORY: Just turned 20

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 15 (Sun) 12:30
  • WhereCGV Sopoong 2

A relayed talks with directors who have worked with INDIESTORY for their recent works.
- A session to share experiences, concerns, and talk about future in independent filmmaking/distribution

Moderator : CHO Youngkag (Producer)
Panelists: BAEK Seung-hwa (2018)
          YU Ji-young (2017)
          JANG Kun-jae

Megatalk | Female Filmmakers Who Leap Through Time

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 15 (Sun) 15:00
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 7

What about living as a female filmmaker in genre filmmaking? What does a woman look like in a genre film? Here are three women gathered to talk about a genre film and women. Shauna MacDonald who is a Horror Queen through The Descent , Mitzi Peirone who directed Braid about madness friend story, and Korean director Byun Young-joo who goes across genres from ary to thriller. *Free Admission

Moderator : PARK Hye-eun (Film Critic)
Panel : BYUN Young-joo (Director), Mitzi PEIRONE (Director), 
                Shauna MACDONALD (Actress)

Megatalk | Barbara CRAMTON’s World of Fantastic Films

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 17 (Tue), After 14:00 ‘From Beyond’ screening
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 3

Following the screening of one of her representative films From Beyond, the legendary Hollywood horror icon Barbara Crampton will enlighten the audiences with her take on the film, her illuminous career in genre film industry and her work with the horror maestros of the Hollywood film industry.

Moderator : Jongsuk Thomas NAM (Programmer)
Panel : Barbara CRAMPTON (Actress)

Megatalk | ¡Vamos! ¡Latin Genre Films!

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 18 (Wed), After 14:00 ‘Tigers Are Not Afraid’ screening
  • WhereCGV Bucheon 6

Latin America’s genre have come to a revival, including films from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Chile! Their stories are sometimes subtle or intense. They pursue popularity and the sociality is positioned at the center of stories. That’s why Koreans feel familiar to them. Let’s meet the apostles of the Latin genre films. They visit Bucheon across the globe.

Moderator : Ellen Y. D. KIM (Programmer)
Panel : Issa LÓPEZ (Director), Demian RUGNA (Director), Guto PARENTE (Director), Guillermo AMOEDO (Director)

Megatalk | Survival Guide to Low-budget Genre Filmmaking in Korea and Japan

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 18(Wed) 17:00
  • WhereBucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

Iwakiri Isora has made films in succession with a distance from commercial films. You can listen to stories about how he made his own production and films and why he chooses a low-budget movie instead of bigger productions He will share with you his production process and his vision. You can also hear the Korean low-budget films director’s stories. They will discuss about the production environments in Korea and Japan then think about ways to fix their problems together. 
*Free  Admission

Panel : IWAKIRI Isora (Director) and three directors from Korea and Japan

Master Class | TAKAHASHI Hiroshi Hiroshi, the Godfather of J-horror

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 19 (Thu), After 17:00 ‘Occult Bolshevism’ screening
  • WhereCGV Sopoong 2

Takahashi Hiroshi is a screenwriter for The Ring , Don't Look Up , which is the origin of J horror, Crazy Lips and Gore From Outer Space , the cult horror. In 2004, he made his directorial debut with Sodom The Killer . Takahashi is known to have invented a number of J horror ideas. He will tell you the history of J-Horror which is a new style beyond traditional oriental horror. Also, you could understand the production of the ultra-low-budget horror film, Occult Bolshevism.

Panel : TAKAHASHI Hiroshi (Director)

Megatalk | Grassroots Level Does Work: The Merciless and Its Hard-core Fans

개막식 썸네일 이미지
  • WhenJuly 19(Thu), After 17:30 ‘The Merciless’ screening
  • Where Bucheon City Hall, Main Theater (2F)

Core fans watch the same film several times. They even rent a theatre for their favorites. Those form a huge fandom which never happened before in Korean film history and give a film long-term vitality. They call themselves ‘The Merciless.’ We can think about the present and the future of the changing audience through the story of those who inform the new audience.
Panel : BYUN Sung-hyun (Director), KIM Yong-eon (Editor-in-chief,  ‘Mysteria’),  HUH Namwoong (Film Critic)