Fantastic 7

BIFAN is joined by Sitges - International Film Festival of Catalonia, Toronto International Film Festival, South by Southwest, Guadalajara International Film Festival, Cairo International Film Festival, and the New Zealand International Film Festival for the honor of being a part of the Fantastic 7 program. Fantastic 7 was launched in 2017 by the Marche du Film to promote genre films. It seeks to establish mutual networks between seven of the top international film festivals from around the world, foster global talents, and discover and develop genre cinema.
Lay the Ghost by director YU Eunjung and producer PARK Doohee has been selected to represent BIFAN at Fantastic 7 this year. The project, which is an official selection from the 2019 NAFF project market, depicts the depravity of a corporation and the selfishness of human nature in a meticulous and sensory manner by telling a story about one family’s tragic secret that has carried on for generations. Lay the Ghost is expected to give a fresh impetus to the global film world, which is looking for a new angle in the horror genre. Directors of the projects that have been selected for Fantastic 7 get an opportunity to pitch their projects online in front of film industry professionals from around the world, while the Marche du Film is in session.

Fantastic 7 Selection

Year Project Director Producer Country
2020 ILLICIT KANG Minji Luke SPEARS, Han Sangbeom Korea, USA
2021 Lay the Ghost YU Eunjung PARK Doohee Korea
2018 Superpower Girl KIM Sooyoung KIM Donghwan Korea
2020 Project ILLICIT
Director KANG Minji
Producer Luke SPEARS, Han Sangbeom
Country Korea, USA
2021 Project Lay the Ghost
Director YU Eunjung
Producer PARK Doohee
Country Korea
2018 Project Superpower Girl
Director KIM Sooyoung
Producer KIM Donghwan
Country Korea