New Normal

JUNG Bum-shik|Korea|2022|111min |World Premiere |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
1102 7/17  19:00 - 20:51 Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube 15
1101 7/17  19:00 - 21:51 Bucheon City Hall Main Theater 15 GV
1102 7/17  19:00 - 20:51Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube
티켓예매 아이콘
1101 7/17  19:00 - 21:51Bucheon City Hall Main Theater
15  GV
티켓예매 아이콘

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Program Note

People who are all by themselves. How empty and precarious are the lives of those who are hoovering without knowing each other behind the name of daily life? Director Jung Bum-shik’s new feature film New Normal, released four years later Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018) which is notoriously known as opening the new chapter of Korean horror films, tells an eerie and lonely story of those who carry their own loneliness and exhaustion in this lonesome era that ‘Hon-Bab’(eating alone) became as natural. If his debut film, Epitaph (2007) was about the record of 4 days in old Seoul, 1942 during the turbulent era of Japanese colonial, New Normal is another captured record of 4 days in Seoul, 2022, which is a time of chaos that all the mankind never have been experienced before in entire human history. It depicts the unexpected risks and identity of fears that are hidden in everyday life and common space. And eventually, it provides the essence of ‘a quite different suspense’ making it difficult to expect the ending. In addition, the combination of prominent actors such as Choi Ji Woo, Lee Yoo Mi, Choi Min Ho, Pyo Ji Hoon, Jung Dong Won, and Ha Da In, who played common beings in our everyday life, and their role amplifies the suspense of the film. This prophecy is about the era of ‘New Normal’ that we are living in now and requires new definitions in all aspects and relationships, and full of insight into the new present and daily life with cleverly weaved suspense. (MO Eun-young)



JUNG Bum-shik

Born in 1970. He has won the Best New Director Prizes at Director’s Cut Awards and the Busan Film Critics Association Awards with his debut film Epitaph. In 2018, he gained public and critical attention by his well-made, low-budget horror film Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum.


Producer JUNG Bum-shik
Screenplay JUNG Bum-shik
Cinematographer KIM Young Min
Editor JUNG Bum-shik, CHOI Kyung Hee
Sound GONG Tae Won
Music YOON Sang
Cast CHOI Ji Woo, JUNG Dong Won, LEE Yu Mi, CHOI Min Ho, PYO Ji Hoon, HA Da In