Project Spotlight

NAFF Project Spotlight was launched in 2008 to select one Asian country every year to spotlight the genre film of that country. This year Project Spotlight will introduce Japanese projects. Directors and producers of the selected projects will have 1:1 business meetings with international film industry professionals to explore the opportunities for co-productions, investment, and distribution. The participating projects will also be nominated for cash prizes and post-production support grants. A jury of international film industry experts will determine the winners through individual meetings with directors and producers of each project.

Project Spotlight History

2022 Korea 2014 Thailand
2021 Korea 2013 The Philippines
2020 Korea 2012 Indonesia
2019 Taiwan 2011 Japan
2018 India 2010 Taiwan
2017 Vietnam 2009 Singapore
2016 Malaysia 2008 China
2015 China

Project Spotlight Selection

1 Project The Demon
Director WATANABE Hirobumi
Producer WATANABE Yuji
Country Japan
2 Project Dulia
Director SAKUMA Keisuke
Producer HAYASHI Kentaro
Country Japan
3 Project The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Director TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Producer FURUYAMA Tomomi
Country Japan
Director KUMAKIRI Kazuyoshi
Producer MATSUDA Hiroko
Country Japan
5 Project A Woman in Flames
Director NAKAGAWA Natsuki
Producer OGAWA Shinji
Country Japan