Robot Event Zone


Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun), 10:00 ~ 18:00
Venue Bucheon City Hall Lawn Square – Robot zone booth
The robot event zone will be operated as the concept of 23rd BIFAN which is Science Fiction! Various kinds of experiences, performances, and displays are prepared that infants to adults can enjoy together! There will be a place to take a rest upstairs terrace from the hot sun in the mid-summer, so please stop by the booth and have joyful time!

∙ Filming robot using a rail
∙ Robot Performance
∙ Experiencing Robot battle
∙ Experiencing robot coding (for beginners)
∙ Snack shop using Robot arm (Manipulator)
∙ Talk Concert

∙ Making Mini-sized car & Air-Rocket
∙ Displays and experience of Drone (Quadcopter)
∙ Display of Junk Robot
∙ Resting place for everyone at the terrace

Event time might be changed by the circumstance of the host organization. Will be further information updated.


Grand Release for Robot Souvenirs

In celebration of BIFAN’s Robots Special Program, BIFAN x Bucheon Industry Promotion Agency collaborated special souvgranenirs are ready for the visiting audience. For those of who have watched one of the films from Robots Special Program or Robot Talk Concert will get a chance to win the goods.

Free Admission to the Bucheon ROBOPARK for BIFAN Audience

Date June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun) 10:00-18:00
Venue Bucheon ROBOPARK
A special chance to learn and experience Bucheon’s science technology and Robot industry. Celebrating BIFAN’s special program ‘Robots: Future Beyond the Human Race’, Bucheon ROBOPARK, a high-tech Robot Museum located in Bucheon is open its door to the festival audience for free! For those of who watched a film at BIFAN can get this wonderful chance of free admission! Don’t miss it!
Opening hours
June 28 (Fri) ~ July 7 (Sun) 10:00-18:00   *CLOSED on July 1 (Mon)

How to
Present a film ticket (of this year’s BIFAN) at the ROBOPARK ticket office. (1 Free admission per ticket)