Fantastic Film School Application

Illustration KIM Kangmin

Last year, the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival joined hands with Bucheon, a UNESCO Creative City, to launch the Scary Tales Project.
Season 1 of the Scary Tales Project consisted of the Scary Tales Archive, which involved the discovery and collection of scary tales and a production support program for scary short films. This year, the Scary Tales Campus has been established for Season 2, and it features a greatly reinforced creation support program. In addition to the Scary Tales Archive, the Scary Tales Campus will provide focused mentoring sessions through the Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp, as well as the continued production support for short films about scary tales. Other new projects, such as the School of Story Creation for Youth, are also being launched to upgrade the campus into a cradle for the discovery and education of talents.
The scary short films that received production support in Season 1 will be unveiled this year at BIFAN, and the new projects that will be developed via the Scary Tales Planning and Development Camp will be pitched to potential investment and production partners. By linking up with B.I.G’s project market, Work in Progress program, and distribution support awards, our goal is to create a scary tales ecosystem with a virtuous cycle of films and content centered on about scary tales. We hope you will keep an eye out for the Bucheon Scary Tales Project, as we grow and develop our scary tales ecosystem in the future.

  • TitleScary Tales Campus
  • DatesMarch 2021 - January 2022
  • Componets Scary Tales Creation Support Program (creation support, education program), Scary


    • Scary Tales
      Creation Support
    • Scary Tales
      Planning and
      Development Camp (launched in 2021)
    • Production
      Support for Scary
      Short Films (launched in 2020)
    • Vertical Cinema
      Support(launched in 2021)
    • School of Story
      Creation for Youth(launched in 2021)
    • Scary Tales
    • Scary Tales
      production(launched in 2020)
    • Scary Tales
      Map production(launched in 2021)