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Korea|2018|86min |World Premiere |

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320 7/15  15:00 CGV Sopoong 4 18 GV
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819 7/20  12:30 CGV Sopoong 6 18 GV
320 7/15  15:00CGV Sopoong 4
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526 7/17  20:00CGV Bucheon 3
819 7/20  12:30CGV Sopoong 6
18  GV

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Bohol Island, Philippines, captivates tourists and divers worldwide with its beautiful scenery and deep-sea mystery. One day, friends who knew in Seoul visit a man who works as a freediving instructor in Bohol.

Program Note

A screenwriter Hee-jin (played by Choi Yeo-jin) goes to the Philippines with the director (played by Ryu Seung-su) to collect information for a film featuring diving. One of the interviewees named Si-eon (played by Jung Chae-yull) recalls old memory the moment she sees Hee-jin. Hee-jin had learned yoga from Si-eon, who used to be a yoga instructor. They became friends and learned diving together. They used to be close but something went wrong. The director notices a strange vibe between Hee-jin and Si-eon, and soon becomes interested in a shocking relationship in which the two are involved in. ‘Deep’ diving means going underwater to 60 meters or deeper. Using this as a metaphor, Deep takes this film to a story about a relationship that develops ‘deeper.’ What happens on the surface is completely different from what happens below the surface. The same goes to a human relationship; nothing is as it seems. It may look like ordinary love or friendship on the surface, but there exist deadly relationships and plots under the water. A person’s capability is said to determine how deep he can dive underwater. Watching Deep , the audience may wonder the depth of a human relationship can be compared to that of diving. (HUH Nam-woong)



CHO Sung-kyu

Born in 1969 and graduated from Yonsei University Graduate School with mass communications. In 2002, he founded the film production Sponge Entertainment. After the director debut with his film Second Half (2010), he further directed the following films: Planck Constant (2014), Life Is but an Empty Dream (2015), How to Break up with My Cat (2016), Siljong2 (2017).


Cho Eun-kyung

Cho Sung-kyu

Kim Ku-yeong

Bak Ju-young

Choe Yong-rak

Choi Yeo-jin, Jung Chae-yull, Ryu Seung-su

Dreamfact Entertainment

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