Chihayafuru Part I

KOIZUMI Nori|Japan|2016 |111min |Asian Premiere |Color |Fiction |G

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
241 7/23  15:20 - 17:11 Korea Manhwa Museum G GV
729 7/28  17:30 - 19:21 CGV Bucheon 3 G
241 7/23  15:20 - 17:11Korea Manhwa Museum
티켓예매 아이콘
729 7/28  17:30 - 19:21CGV Bucheon 3
티켓예매 아이콘

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Chihaya, Taichi and Arata are childhood friends, bound by their passion for “competitive karuta.” Chihaya and Taichi are reunited in high school and form a “Competitive Karuta Club” for the national championship for a possible reunion with Arata.


고이즈미 노리히노


Born in 1980, Koizumi was widely beloved for his film A Song of the Sun (2006). And his Wrestling With A Memory (2008) also won the Audience Award 10th Udine Far East Film Festival. Koizumi’s other films include Flowers (2010) and The Liar and his Lover (2013).