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World Fantastic Blue

The World Fantastic Cinema was divided into two sections at the 20th film festival. World Fantastic Blue introduces international films that include sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and drama genres that even those that are allergic to hemoglobin can enjoy. A total of 39 films that will help you relax after all the frightening experience at World Fantastic Red will be shown.
We recommend you to watch 78/52, the sensational documentary at Sundance about Hitchcock’s shower scene which is one of the most iconic scenes in the film history, along with Hitchcock’s original Psycho and Psycho IV by Mick Garris.
The various films of World Fantastic Blue including My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, a desperate love story of a man and woman that meet at the crossing of time; Shock Wave, a Hong Kong action blockbuster about fighting against a terrorist group that tries to destroy a tunnel in Hong Kong; Kahaani 2, the Indian thriller film about a mother that loses her memory from a car accident and her disabled daughter that has gone missing; and Dave Made A Maze, a comic film about the portrait of an artist in despair illustrated with a vivid imagination, will bring the audience tears, laughter, and excitement. The Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) jury members will select an Asian film for the NETPAC Award out of the films in World Fantastic Blue.