World Fantastic Blue


Japan|2017 |118min |Korean Premiere |Color |Feature / Drama |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
101 7/14  11:00 CGV Bucheon 3 (Hyundai U-PLEX) G
405 7/17  11:00 CGV Bucheon 5 (Hyundai U-PLEX) G
913 7/22  14:00 CGV Bucheon Station 4 G GV
101 7/14  11:00CGV Bucheon 3 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
405 7/17  11:00CGV Bucheon 5 (Hyundai U-PLEX)
913 7/22  14:00CGV Bucheon Station 4

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A film for the centenary year of Inokashira Park in Kichijoji, Tokyo. When Jun tries to help Haru find her dad's ex-girlfriend, he discovers a song written 40 years earlier. A fantastic summer story of Jun and Haru about the song and memories.


세타 나츠키

SETA Natsuki

Arts as a Master of Film and New Media. She made her first feature film A Liar and a Broken Girl (2011) and also has been directing TV commercials, mobile movies, and TV dramas. Parks (2017) is her third feature film.

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starfull_star 10.00