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World Fantastic Blue

Hidden Reserves

  • Austria, Switzerland, Germany
  • 2016
  • 96min
  • Korean Premiere
  • DCP
  • Color
  • Feature / SF
  • 12
Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
143 7/14 20:00 CGV Bucheon Station 3 12 
329 7/16 15:30 CGV Bucheon 5 (Hyundai U-PLEX) 12 
808 7/21 14:00 CGV Bucheon Station 3 12 
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Vienna in the not too distant future. The privileged elite who can afford death insurance dominate the majority who can’t. One day, insurance agent Vincent meets the activist Lisa, and something strikes him.


Valentin HITZ
Valentin HITZ
Born in 1969, Valentin Hitz received a degree from Film Academy Vienna, Film and Television department. He was fascinated by the idea of not being permitted to die and it is reflected in his second feature, Hidden Reserves (2016). 

World Fantastic Blue

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