World Fantastic Red

World Fantastic Cinema which shows the panorama of world fantastic films was divided into two sections titled Red and Blue from the 20th year. World Fantastic Red is for genre film fanatics and is packed with action films gushing with blood, chilling horror films and exciting thrillers.
Genre films from Latin America have a strong presence in this year’s Red, so it can be considered the renaissance of the Latin genre. Terrified, The Cannibal Club, The Inhabitant,and What the Waters Left Behind present a wide variety of topics and styles such as exorcists fighting supernatural beings, cannibalism and exorcism. A Mega Talk about Latin American genre films with directors from the other side of the world is also scheduled. Be sure to check out Killer Mosquitos and Killing God which are delightful comic horror films from Italy and Spain. Mutafukaz, which is a funky adult animation is also impressive.
Upgrade, a sci-fi story about the relationship between a human being and a computer chip that takes a wrecked body and transforms it to the level of a superhuman, Double Date, a comic horror film about a series of events that occur when a man, whose goal is to lose his virginity before he turns 30, meets beautiful sisters with a penchant for murder. Braid, a psycho horror film about two young women on the run who find an old childhood friend and end up getting caught up in her madness, Boar, featuring a massive boar that terrorizes the countryside of Australia, Satan’s Slaves, an Indonesian horror film about exorcism, Buy Bust, an hour-long action film that takes place in the maze-like slums of the Philippines, The Lowlife, based on a novel by a current AV actress about three women involved in AV, Yaru Onna -She’s a Killer-, featuring a transformative performance by KANG Jiyoung who is a former member of the group KARA currently working in Japan. And lastly The Blood of Wolves, about a 21st century war with no loyalty, and Sunny, a rare look at Internet worship over a girl who is a murderer, which are two films by SHIRAISHI Kazuya, the most notable new director from Japan.