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Canada|2017|100min |

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In a small remote village in upstate Quebec the locals are infected with the zombie virus. A handful of survivors head into the woods to look for others like them.

Program Note

Ravenous is a zombie films set in a small and isolated village in Quebec. The film is largely divided into two stories whereby the first half focuses on the process of 7 survivors ending up in three groups, while the second half follows the 7 survivors who finally gather in one place to set off in search of a safe haven. In other words, this film tells the tale of a people who create a familial bond amongst each other after losing their family members to a zombie attack and fleeing to survive(this pseudo family consists of a young boy who takes the role of grandchild, a pair of young parents, and an elderly couple who take the role of grandparents). If the first half explores how a family is created by moving beyond doubt, the second half places its emphasis on how each character makes sacrifices for the ‘survival of the family’. The most interesting aspect of this film is how it considers zombies as ‘cultural beings’ or a ‘new post-apocalyptic humankind ‘. (BYUN Sung-chan)


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Robin Aubert is a film writer, director and actor. He directed his debut horror feature St. Martyrs of the Damned (2005). In 2018, he received the Best Director’s Award at Fantasporto and the Special Prize at Gerardmer Film Festival for Ravenous (2017).


Stéphanie Morissette

Robin Aubert

Steeve Desrosiers, Nicolas Ilis

Robin Aubert, Francis Cloutier

Pierre-Philippe Côté

Production Design
André-Line Beauparlant

Marc-André Grondin, Monia Chokri, Brigitte Poupart

Alma Cinema

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