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Australia|2018|96min |Asian Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
147 7/13  15:00 CGV Bucheon 7 18 GV
352 7/15  20:00 CGV Bucheon 6 18 GV
709 7/19  13:00 CGV Sopoong 2 18
147 7/13  15:00CGV Bucheon 7
18  GV
352 7/15  20:00CGV Bucheon 6
18  GV
709 7/19  13:00CGV Sopoong 2

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A family is on a road trip through an Australian outback, a place they left behind years ago.  After settling down, an immense creature with a taste for blood appears and attack them and their surroundings, leading to their brutal fight for survival.

Program Note

Monroe family revisits small country town they once lived to spend quality family time together. Having stumbled upon the mangled camping site as well as demolished car, two town drunks decide to investigate and come face to face with a gigantic wild boar with insatiable appetite for blood. Unfortunately for Monroe family, their camping and swimming on the river also attract the creature’s attention and the fight for survival begins. Chris Sun is an Australian writer-director who is no stranger to horror genre with his slasher Charlie’s Farm . With Boar , he pays an impressive homage to 1984 Aussie film Razorback and effectively delivers gore-laden violence and off-beat comedy. This is an atmospheric and highly entertaining creature-feature with an Aussie brute and heroism. Of course, the true star of Boar is the massive creature, which effectively delivers the undeniable terror whenever it is on the screen.  (Jongsuk Thomas NAM)


크리스 선

Chris SUN

Born in 1975, Queensland, Australia, Chris Sun was the film writer, a producer and a director for his debut feature Come and Get Me (2011). His second feature, Daddy’s Little Girl (2012) created a sensation in the Australian independent film industry.


Kris Maric, Christine Hulsby

Chris Sun

Andrew Conder

Michael Gilbert

Mark Smythe

Production Design
Adam Head

John Jarratt, Simone Buchanan, Bill Moseley

Shoreline Entertainment

Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starempty_starempty_star  6.83