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The Liquidator

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China, Hong Kong|2017|124min |Korean Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
234 7/14  15:00 CGV Sopoong 6 15
438 7/16  13:30 CGV Bucheon 6 15
726 7/19  15:30 CGV Bucheon 3 15
234 7/14  15:00CGV Sopoong 6
438 7/16  13:30CGV Bucheon 6
726 7/19  15:30CGV Bucheon 3

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A criminal psychologist and a forensic fingerprint expert work together to track down a serial killer who targets people who have been acquitted of notable crimes and uses their guilt. Based on the best crime psychology novel in China.

Program Note

The Chinese police officer, Mi Nan, who is more enthusiastic than anyone, takes on a bizarre serial killer case. In the process, Mi Nan and another former police officer named Fang Mu, who is an expert in crime psychology, investigate together. Right after Fang Mu is involved in the case, the serial killer announces his next targets to the public. It seems that the killer wants Fang Mu to be engaged in the case. The targets are criminals who have evaded capture or have been let free by the courts but are condemned by the public. The original title, The Light of City, has a double meaning. The film asks whether The Light of City is a hero or a vigilante. This film reminds us of the Korean web cartoon,「 The National Voting of Death Penalty」 and「 Vigilante」, due to the story sending a message about human’s eternal homework as social animal, laws, ethics and superhuman. Actually, the original novel of the film is one of the stories from「 The Guilty of Mind」 series since 2007. Those are written by Lay Me, who is a professor at a police academy and a detective story novelist. The novel is a bestseller in China and has become a popular web drama and film. The film genre is a crime thriller, a pleasant buddy film, with sweet romance on the basis of the original. You can see China depicted as an urban mise-en-scéne and actor’s outstanding performances. Famous Chinese stars participate in this film, including Deng Chao, who is famous for The Mermaid in Korea, Liu Shishi and Juan Ching Tien. (HONG Eun-hwa)


서기주 (徐纪周)

XU Jizhou

Xu Jizhou majored in directing at the Central Academy of Drama in China. Since then, he has written and directed up to 20 TV series and, was awarded twice for the Best Director Awards.


Ren Zhonglun, Bill Kong

Xu Jizhou

Cheng Siu Keung

Robert Kennedy Lambert

Peter Kam

Production Design
Alfred Yau

Deng Chao, Ethan Juan, Liu Shishi


Star Rating full_starfull_starfull_starfull_starempty_star  7.50