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The Axiom

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USA|2018|98min |World Premiere |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
428 7/16  13:30 CGV Bucheon 3 15
712 7/19  13:00 CGV Sopoong 3 15
908 7/21  17:30 Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F) 15
428 7/16  13:30CGV Bucheon 3
712 7/19  13:00CGV Sopoong 3
908 7/21  17:30Bucheon City Hall, Fantastic Cube(1F)

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A woman tricks a group of her friends into going to the woods to look for her sister, who mysteriously disappeared in the same woods. Once in the wilderness, the group realizes they are not alone and may have entered another dimension with horrors.

Program Note

In search of her missing younger sister, McKenzie travels into a National Forest with her friends. However, the forest where they followed her younger sister’s footprints was an unknown world. As they entered into the forest, the friends right in front disappeared, or a supernatural being like an evil spirit suddenly appeared to build suspense. McKenzie and her friends who were noisy were struck with unexpected horror, and ended up attacking one another as they lost their senses. The beautiful forest where people can escape from their daily life to enjoy freedom turned into a closed space that became a stage for harassing the main characters. Like director Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left (1972), the motif used in this film is a cabin in the forest, or an unknown space with the occurrence of mysterious phenomena often found in sci-fi films. The techniques taken from the existing horror movies are like an homage. Director of this film, Nicholas Woods, made evil spirits, or monsters that are only real in your imagination, appear in the film to hold a survival game, showing his horror-mania preference. Despite being a low budget horror film, the film wisely used the natural environment and light to bring horror to the forest. The scenes of meeting with the supernatural existence mostly in the daytime was new to the audience. (JEON Jong-hyuk)


니콜라스 우즈

Nicholas WOODS

After studying films in Santa Barbara City College, he transferred to Chapman University Film School. In this great school, he was able to take his studies to the next level, make working friendships that would travel past graduation, and made his into is debut feature film The Axiom.


Max Landwirth

Nicholas Woods

Sten Olson

Alex Gans

Leo Kaliski

Production Design
Sage Griffin

Hattie Smith, Zac Titus, William Kircher


Star Rating full_starfull_starempty_starempty_starempty_star  3.80