World Fantastic Red

World Fantastic Cinema which is the showcase of the spectrum of global fantastic films is split into two sections from this year. World Fantastic Red filled with violent horrors and breathtaking thrillers is the section for the core genre film fans.
The section would screen thrilling 48 titles including Baskin, the horror describing the human being’s inner hell which is a base for the violent psychology, Rupture in which Noomi Rapace’s acting excels, Suburra, the possible Italian version of the last year’s Korean thriller hit, Inside Men, I Am Not a Serial Killer, the original yet cool thriller from Ireland, Don't Breathe whose horror would take your breath away, The Neon Demon from this year’s Cannes competition, the master Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s Creepy, independent film, The Katsuragi Murder Case, two introspections on the origin of the violence that family holds, and Psycho Raman by Anurag Kashyap, the leader of the new wave in Indian violent esthetics. Among the selection of World Fantastic Red, EFFFF jury members would choose one Asian films for European Fantastic Film Festival Federation Asian Award.

Total : 48