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Monkey Twins

Thailand|2015|107min |Korean Premiere |Color |Fiction |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
344 7/24  18:20 CGV Bucheon 2 15
631 7/27  17:50 CGV Bucheon 8 15
344 7/24  18:20CGV Bucheon 2
631 7/27  17:50CGV Bucheon 8

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After a tragic loss of his lover, Nuer goes on a monkey training in order to avenge for her death and to deliver his brand of justice with Li-in, his lover’s younger sister. The Thai action depicts an exquisite and original combination of Muay Thai and Peking opera.


논타콘 타위수케

Nonthakorn THAWEESUK

Director Thaweesuk was born in 1968, Thailand. Thaweesuk contributed himself to many Thai action films. He directed Muay Thai Giant (2008), and participating in films as the editor in Ong-Bak (2003); as a screenwriter in Born to Fight (2004), The Bodyguard (2004) and Power Kids Agent (2009); and as a co-producer in Bangkok Knock Out (2010).


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