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Kill Time

China|2016|128min |International Premiere |Color |Fiction |

Code Time Theater Rate GV Ticketing
112 7/22  13:00 CGV Bucheon Station 4 15
366 7/24  20:40 CGV Bucheon Station 4 15
112 7/22  13:00CGV Bucheon Station 4
366 7/24  20:40CGV Bucheon Station 4

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To honor her father killed in the line of duty, Mak purchases a CD with an exquisite mauve scarf. But the scarf recalls reminisces of her first beau and her father’s decade-long investigation into an unsolved murder.


프루트 챈

Fruit CHAN

Born in 1959, China, Chan is a director, screenwriter, and producer. He started his career as a director with critically-acclaimed Finale in Blood (1993) followed by awardswinning Made in Hong Kong (1997). In 2002, he served as a member of the jury at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival.


Star Rating full_starempty_starempty_starempty_starempty_star  2.75