Bucheon City 50th Anniversary Celebration

American Graffiti

George LUCAS|USA|1973|113min |15+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
732 7/5  19:30 - 21:23 Korea Manhwa Museum 15
732 7/5  19:30 - 21:23Korea Manhwa Museum

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Program Note

In a sleepy town in Northern California, the young people's idea of fun is driving around and flirting with girls. Curt, Steve, Terry, and John, a group of 4 young man find this pastime irresistible. Among them, Curt and Steve are about to leave for a college in the East after graduating high school, and their friends want to make their last moments memorable. Their final night is filled with fights, car races, and breakups with lovers. As dawn breaks, a new journey begins.

Program Note

Looking back, it was the most beautiful moments in life, filled with expectations and anxiety about the unknown future, and marked by youthful recklessness. The word “youth” itself carries inevitable romance. Set in a small town in northern California, George Lucas’s second feature film, American Graffiti captures the one-night adventure of four friends, who have just graduated from high school and are about to embark on different paths the next day. It transcends time, depicting a portrait of youth that exists beyond its era. Set in 1960s United States, a time when the wounds of the Vietnam War were far from healed, the film portrays growth, friendship, and hope amidst an uncertain future. From the beginning to the end, it is adorned with authentic 1950s rock n roll music, capturing the essence of youth and the most romantic and American atmosphere of the era. The tremendous success of this film paved the way for the most famous film series in history, the Star Wars series. Directed by George Lucas, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and featuring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, and Harrison Ford, among others, it is a nostalgic work that welcomes us with the appearances of the directors and actors who came to represented American cinema during that time. (MO Eun-young)



George LUCAS

George Lucas is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, editor, and the founder of Lucasfilm. He is best known as the creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He made his directorial debut with THX 1138 (1971). In 1973, he wrote and directed the semi-autobiographical American Graffiti (1973), which won the Golden Globe and garnered five Academy Award nominations. He sold Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012. He has attended the premieres of new Star Wars films and been generally supportive of them.


Producer Francis COPPOLA
Screenplay George LUCAS, Gloria KATZ, Willard HUYCK
Editor Verna FIELDS, Marcia LUCAS
Cast Richard DREYFUSS, Ron HOWARD, Paul LE MAT