Adriyanto DEWO|Indonesia|2022|103min |Korean Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
202 6/30  11:00 - 12:43 Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube 12
518 7/3  14:00 - 15:43 CGV Sopung 10 12
202 6/30  11:00 - 12:43Bucheon City Hall Fantastic Cube
518 7/3  14:00 - 15:43CGV Sopung 10

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Program Note

After the death of Maryam by the incident of her favorite band’s concert, his brother Galang, grapples with guilt and sorrow. Galang infiltrates the band as a crew member under the guise of a fan, seeking the truth. But as he uncovers the internal dynamics of the band and their music, Galang finds himself empathizing with them and challenging stereotypes about rock and metal music while seeking peace with his grief.

Program Note

After tragic accidental death by crushing at a performance by “AXFIKSIA”, an underground heavy metal band, the government bans the performances of heavy metal. Having lost his sister, Maryam, in the accident, Galang quits school to join AXFIKSIA. He works as a merchandise illustrator, hiding his identity, and gradually realizes the power and beauty of music as he witnesses the band members up close. Set in the city of Bandung, the home of pop music in Indonesia, where heavy metal is so popular that even the president openly professes to love it, Galang is an interesting portrayal of the Indonesian heavy metal scene, which, in 2008 was still an underground genre facing social prejudice. The film also shows the grief and mourning process of losing a family member, and the way the protagonist finds his way back to the object of his family’s affection, which is a great achievement as a coming-of-age story. (KIM Sukyun)


아드리얀토 데오

Adriyanto DEWO

Adriyanto DEWO, acclaimed Indonesian director, gained international recognition for his debut feature Tabula Rasa (2014), which was screened at 19th BIFAN and awarded the Best Director at the Indonesian Film Festival. His film career has seen continued momentum, the second feature Mudik/Homecoming (2019) is selected as winning project of Scriptroom and screened at numerous film festival including BFI London Film Festival and Macau International Film Festival.


Producer Syaiful WATHAN, Amanda ISWAN
Screenplay Tumpal TAMPUBOLON, Adriyanto DEWO
Cinematographer Tri Adi PRASETYO
Editor Arifin CU"UNK
Sound Kemal ENDARS
Music Hinhin Agung DARYANA
Production Design Wihana ERLANGGA
Cast Elang El GIBRAN, Asmara ABIGAIL, Agra PILIANG