Korean Fantastic: Shorts 4


KWON Chan-young|Korea|2023|27min |World Premiere |12+

Code Time Theater Rate GV
310 7/1  11:00 - 12:27 CGV Sopung 11 15 GV
537 7/3  20:00 - 21:27 CGV Sopung 9 15 GV
719 7/5  14:00 - 15:27 CGV Sopung 10 15
310 7/1  11:00 - 12:27CGV Sopung 11
15  GV
537 7/3  20:00 - 21:27CGV Sopung 9
15  GV
719 7/5  14:00 - 15:27CGV Sopung 10

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Program Note

One day, a wannabe science fiction writer struggling with lonely and gloomy life hears the sound of the microwave talking to her.

Program Note

One day, a microwave emits a sound signal to a struggling aspiring writer, initiating communication between humans and machines. They fill each other’s loneliness and get closer. As the writer watches a movie, they gradually become captivated by the charm of the microwave and mistakenly believe that this companion machine possesses facial expressions and emotions like a living being. The work raises contemplation about the formation and evolution of relationships. (YEOM Jiho)



KWON Chan-young

Born in 1996, he majored in film studies in college. He directed short horror films such as Want and ET Monkey, and his two-minute short film Cake (2020) was selected for screening in the Goedam section at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. He is currently working on a variety show at a production company.