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Special Screening

In this year's BIFAN, a set of unique movies that will give the audience quite a unique experience will be presented in the Special Screening. First to be presented is Okja, the well-known movie of Director BONG Joonho. Okja is a mysterious movie that was unraveled at Cannes Film Festival, and is essentially a collection of prophecies for the environment and the future of mankind that has been shown in his previous movies sporadically. Between men, who want to challenge God in the name of science, and the created men, who are more humanlike than their human creator, the movie questions what true humanity would be. However, the biggest controversy around the movie Okja would be its new attempt to release through online and physical theaters at the same time. Maybe, movies in the traditional sense, are transforming much faster than people may have imagined, and we could well be watching the beginning of such change. Also, along with Okja, many legendary movies including Akira, Night On the Galactic Railroad, and Suddenly in Dark Night, will be remastered and featured. Co-hosted by the Korean Film Archive, the remastered version of Suddenly in Dark Night will be open to the public for the first time at this year’s BIFAN. 78/52 - a film that tenaciously digs into the famous shower scene in Psycho, the timeless masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock - and Psycho will be shown together. Also, audiences shouldn't miss out on the Meatball Machine(2005), and its sequel, Meatball Machine: Kodoku(2017), one of the best Japanese cyber punk movies.