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Contact, JEON Do-yeon

"When are we going to be able to see everything from this actress?" What director BONG Joonho said would be the most symbolic comment on the person that we are about to meet. Since JEON Do-yeon silently walked into the Korean movie scene with The Contact in 1997, she has never looked the same in any of the seventeen films that she has starred in as an actress for the past 20 years. From her debut, The Contact in 1997, and to the most recent work, A Man and A Woman released in 2016, she has maintained her extraordinary presence in the Korean movie scene, and she has been a part of some of the proudest moments in Korean movie history since the 1990s.
For the 21st BIFAN, we would like to have a special featuring section to honor JEON Do-yeon and her 20th year since her debut, as well as to look back over the past 20 years of Korean movies that have developed along with her filmography. Considering that The Contact, which marks the debut of actress JEON Do-yeon, was featured in the very first BIFAN and marked the beginning of BIFAN, makes this program all the more special. In the special program, all 17 films encompassing the acting career of JEON Do-yeon, including The Contact, The Secret Sunshine, which won her the award for Best Actress at the 2007 Cannes, as well as No Blood No Tears, My Mother, The Mermaid, My Dear Enemy, The Housemaid, and The Shameless. Diverse events including a talk session with the audience, press conference, and the publishing of a commemorative book will be prepared along with the movie showing. This special featuring, which is the first Korean film festival to feature all the works of an actor, is co-sponsored by Korean Film Archive. The participation of JUNG Sungil, a renowned director and critic of Korean movies, in the organization of this guest program, adds weight and significance to this event.
In this special featuring of 'contacting' Actress JEON Do-yeon, who has carved seventeen unique marks in the history of Korean movies, we have great expectations for her 18th mark as well as for her new beginning in the next 20 years of her career.